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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic


In a place, far away, there existed a place where pure energy was produced, a spring as how we refer to it; and Eden as how the people speak of it. It was the main source of energy for the nations around it. Annually, a total of six nations around the fountain held a competition to see who would gain the rights to harness the Eden for the next whole year, known as the Exodus. Although each nation had its own energy source, it was only enough for the nation life. In order to advance, they needed more supply of pure energy. That was where the Eden came in, as an alternative. Yet it could barely support the developments of two countries without exhausting its inner core. Hence, the Exodus was created.

So far, the six nations were at an equilibrium point, which was a situation where each nation reached the same era, but not for long. 16 years ago, 7 children were born into this world that possessed supreme intellectual capabilities, and so that age was known as the Generation of Wonders. Epsilon is one of them. The Generation of Wonders wreaked havoc into the orders of their world. Their brains excelled normal humans and since then the distribution of energy was chaotic. It was like war. A couple of nations fell into depravation but was able to survive. Yet one nation found its doom.

The sky was clear when it happened. It was like any other day at Eden. The competition was fierce. So far math, physics, astronomy, biology and chemistry, competition have passed and the competition of technology was left. Zane almost hit jackpot when the machine in front of him blew up and injured him badly, rendering him unable to participate in the competition in the future.  Zane was from the Amber Fall Nation and his accident marked the end for that nation. Amber Fall barely able to keep up with other nation since they lost their wonder child, but hope was not lost forever, for among them laid another wonder child and this was the tale of that boy.

I woke up sweating like crazy. The dream I had, I wished it would stay a dream. I hated being apart from her, not after I promised her that I would take her with me as the prize of the competition this year. I got of my bed and got myself ready for today. It wasn’t easy to convince my brother that I could do it, that I was one of the wonders of the world. A master of 4 subjects, I can single-handedly carry our nation to victory. Good thing I’m not alone. It’s because of her that I am able to fight. Fight for this nation, to protect this place, to protect the people, but most of all, to ensure my future with her.

After I readied myself I directly headed towards the Eden. She would be waiting for me as my opponent, but not for long. My lust has just been awakened. I’ve sleep for way too long. It’s time to reclaim what was mine. I won’t let anyone take what belongs to me.

The competition is starting and I can see tons of kids from around the world. And I spot her. Noticing my glaze, she looks back at me and smiles. I form my lip into saying wait for me and she seems to understand me. Then she looks away.

In this competition I’ll be joining two subjects because Zane said that he didn’t want to cause a commotion and I agreed. There will be five of us including me and they agreed to let me have the price.

“Okay, here is the rundown, everything you need to know is right here. And for this year, it will be a buzzer quiz. Fastest one to press the buzzer and answer correctly wins.” Zane explained.

The competition started. The first topic to go was math. Unfortunately we lost. The competition was fierce. Our scores were tied with Starlight, Dave’s clan. The final is going to be physics, I’m supposed to be pumped but somehow I’m not. For some reason their student have the ability similar to children of wonders and that terrifies me. Our nation could not survive another lost. If I lost this, this is the end. Other nation would wage war against us and with their technology superiority there’s no way we could win the war.

The match has started. Questions filled my head and I know I was losing 4 to 5 questions. I’m not in my game right now. My mind constantly wanders off to the nightmare I’d just had this morning. The buzzer sound shook me back to the reality. I lost yet another question. One more and I’ll be done for.

“Damn, now it’s not the time to hesitate, I need to win!”

Buzz after buzz past by and now is the final question. I have extracted everything I have into these final moments. This last moment will decide my nation and my own future. I need to prove myself. I need to push beyond my boundaries. I only need this moment.

The question appeared. My brain instantly functioned three times faster than normal. My body moves faster, my reflexes are quicker and I was lucky. I was a millisecond faster than my opponent and that was it. I win. I can’t believe it but then everything went black. I hear voices around me before I completely pass out. When I wake up it was afternoon and I was in the infirmary. I was laying down a bed and next to it is a window. Seeing the orange sky kind of let me know what time it is.

"Sunset, around 5 o'clock I guess" I whisper 

“Glad you wake up.” called a voice beside me

I recognize that voice anywhere. I tried to sit and she helps me

“Yeah." I reply, my thought about the competition is fuzzy

"So, how'd it go?"

“Your nation won the competition and they’re sending resources to your nation as we speak. Your country will be fine”

“How about you?” I asked, worried

Silence. She didn’t say a word but instead she leaned forward and kissed me. It was tender and at that moment I knew that everything turned out just fine.

“Glad you can make it,” she said

“Yeah me too” I said as I stroked her hair and watched the sunset together.

Submitted: October 11, 2017

© Copyright 2020 Waevern. All rights reserved.

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