Nom De Plume

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a small collection of poems with different feelings, you will find your self into it.

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011




I wish I could tell you 

how beautiful you are


I can feel your heartbeat

though you are too far


when I breath 

wind takes me to you

every step I walk, I come closer to you

this walk will last ,when I reach you.


when I call your name

it make me feel like walking in rain

drops falling on my face

make me feel your touch


you come into my dreams

I wish night never last,

but you there in my eyes

I can dream you with open eyes.

whether day or night.



when I see roses ,I see your smile

it's aroma make me feel you

feel you inside my heart,

roses,aroma goes dull ,but not your smile.

your aroma,your smile

remain in my heart,it cant be exile.







if I were alive

I would walk to you


no matter how far you are,

I dont care for wounds and scar

with bleeding feet

I would walk to you.


the pain is now a lie

you are in my eyes


the way is too long

my love is too strong

I am too desperate to be there

there with you


if I were alive

I would walk to you


I want you to feel

like I feel for you

I want you to see yourself

as I see you


I wish you would also walk towards me ,

when I walk to you.


if I were alive.





I wasnt alone when .....

it was seism..

when I was between falling bricks...

when the dreams were falling

and the hopes too

I wasnt alone....


I wasnt alone when.....

everywhere it was dark...

no road to walk...

I wasnt on my feet...

crawling away from nature's bark

but I wasnt alone....


all the dreams of mine

was craving for life...

I couldnt close my eyes...

I have to bring back dreams in some little eyes...

because I wasnt alone ......


the pain isnt evermore...

the sun will shine,

and these wet eyes too...

I will fill hope in all glint eyes...

cos I wasnt alone ..





oppressed I am before you,

cant you see my demise,

what truned you blind ,

coward, are you?


you bring me here

u made my life drabber 

em I uninvited?

why did u make my world somber?


was my love vain,

u loved me,u killd me

you are beyond my ken.



I hate myself

coz I kept silence.

I em in guilt

coz I bear all violence.



these briks nd wall

witness of all.

I wish they cud talk,

nd tell you that how crual you are.





I am far away,

I am strayed away ,

from the path where I should be .



here thousands way,

the only one can take me to you ,

the only one that you have shown,

the only one...

but I am too far.


though I am too far ,

yet not trying too hard,

make me come to the path

before it is too late

before I lost our fate.


who else can bring me back ,if it's not you,

only you can make me right

only you can make my life bright

accept my plea ,

bring me into bright .






It has been too long ,the ink is dry

it is a long go ,we had asked ,why?


those who shouted ,killed last night ,

floor has been washed ,before the bright,

but this time,

blood will not go dry,

we are awake,

you cant make us cry.


we had to bear ,

your bloody brutality,

but not now


this is the time

to change the time,

to change the road

where black heart do drive .


we are not afraid of the dark,

we can make it bright,

we are the people who can make all right,

lets take the first step and take it so far,

stand up against corruption ,

this is the time to war.






Hope ain't end ,hope ain't lost yet

what all i have got isn't my desire.

time which has past wasn't mine .

to all those tears ,gone dead in my eyes.

hope ain't end.



I feel dark inside 

a mystique pain is ambling in my heart  .

who is making my emotion dumb 

slaying all my inner light .

to all those blind moment, buried in my heart.

light ain't end,hope ain't lost yet.


each stone I have turned ,only got some pain

every time I smile ,I nail a lie .

some fake smile ,dry eyes ,some little lies 

I have firm believe  ,all this won't kill the big truth ,inside .

all dreams will come true,I will smile,true smile.

hope yet alive in me.

hope ain't lost yet. hope ain't lost yet.



I am walking alone,bare feet .

I am walking over broken dreams .

trying ,not to break them anymore .

I will make them alive ,I will live them .... forever.

a smile ....forever,a love forever.

all this pain and sorrow won't last forever.

can't last forever.

hope ain't end,hope ain't lost yet.



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