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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
You are drowning.
You are dying.
Now what?

Submitted: March 04, 2014

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Submitted: March 04, 2014



Engulf yourself within it; to the point where one can endure such a thing. Where the pain is soft and gentle, and you can cover yourself with it like a blanket. 

Blink your eyes a few times, look up at the bright and blurry orb that resides in front of you. Watch as it's appendage's of light wrap around you, creating a shadow beneath your dead and lifeless body. 

View as the wave's beat in a compassionate rhythm, where it sounds like a bass is being thumbed. 

Hold your hand out, and aim to grip at the cold and harsh water. Reach for the bright ball in front of you, as you know you will never reach to it. 

Feel your lungs being flooded with salt, feel as it icy and terrible and burns within you. Feel how it hurts, like it is swallowing you from within. Feel your heart tighten as it fails to collect oxygen. Feel yourself dying.

Notice the darkness; the gradient blue going from something light, to something heavy and dark. Go from baby blue, to navy in a moment. Then drop to darker and darker depth's, accepting the fact that one cannot escape this fate. That you must deal with such a death, despite the way it is.

You hear the noise, the noise of water filling your ears, making everything sound bubbly. 

See the bubbles escape your lips, see as your life floats away, back to the real world. The world that you are unable to return to.

Close your eyes, feel the rush envelop you. Feel death cloak you. Feel the air escape you. Release all emotion, because no one will be able to hear you from here; no matter how long and how much you yell. How much you plead, for your own life to be saved.

Feel your heart become raw, notice how it stops and becomes as cold as the water. Your lips become blue, your skin pale as a paper could be. 

Start drowning. 

Flare your arms and make noise; to the point in which one will notice you. 

Now, while your body still remains dead, feel something warm embrace you. Feel arms grab at you, as if to protect you from the danger of the world. Sense that you are being lifted, as you defy the force of gravity. 

The sensation of frigid air goes from your head, to your neck. Sharp waves go at you, tempting you to stay below the surface. But the arms refuse to let such a thing happen. 

You drop on a scratchy surface, your heart still dead, your lungs still filled with a salty liquid. A sharp pain hits your chest. Once, twice, three times, a fouth. Water gushes from your mouth. 

You cough, you gag, as the pungent taste leaves your mouth but stays on your tongue and in your throat. 

"Can you hear me?" It asks. 

You remain froze there, like a rock. 

You get picked up, and taken away from the rocky shore. The watery grave. You hold your hand out towards the rigid waves, and nothing can be done. Your legs are limp, are arm is already tired. You drop your head on it's shoulder, starting to cry salty tears. 

"As long as I am here, no one is going to die. Especially you." He tells you. 

You stop your sobbing, while your eyes remain glassy and nearly dead.  You damn the people that love you; because they refuse to let you leave this quickly.

© Copyright 2020 WaifuLele. All rights reserved.

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