The Meeting of the Tiny Animals Society

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A group of tiny animals work together to overcome the larger animals in their neighbhorhood.

Mini slide through the circular entrance of the thick log, descending into the underground cave. She was early, beating the other small animals to the scheduled meeting location. The tiny rabbit made her way toward the back of the cave positioning her furry coating against the cave’s wall.

She always claimed the corner in the back as her designated spot because from that area she had a complete view of the tiny underground cave. Whenever there was a meeting, she would watch all the older adults from each species talk about the issues at hand.

Mini was clueless as to why her uncle, the leader of the rabbit tribe in this neighborhood, had called a meeting on such a short notice. It had been scheduled just that morning to occur at nightfall, despite the rule that the congregation of each species needed at least a week’s notification in advance. She had overheard that whatever his motivation was for calling this meeting it was extremely important.

It was dangerous for the diurnal animals to be lurking around the yard in the dark, especially with nocturnal predators like possums, raccoons, porcupines were out and alert, ready to attack any day time creature that crossed their paths. Mini was certain that this meeting had to be important if her uncle was willing to risk the safety of his friends to have it.

After a short while, the rest of the animals began to poor into the tiny cave. Mini denoted each species and the members of each tribe as they poured in occupying any empty space they could fill. The leaders of the squirrel, frog, mice, and the mocking bird species were all present at tonight’s important meeting. Mini’s own family members, along with her Uncle, were sitting closer toward the thick tree branch that lied flat in front of the cave, serving as a stage.

Chatter filled the congregation as each animal began to question those around them about their reason for coming to this meeting. Mini was squished between an old married, frog couple that hadn’t the right mind to sit next to one another. They were talking back and fort over the tiny rabbit, making her head shake as each of their loud words rang through the ear that they were stationed beside.

"Rib-bit!! What’s this meetin’ ore?" asked the old male frog

"How shou’ I kno’? If I dids’ then I wouldn’t ave’ asked you earlier."

Mini found a great deal of relief when her Uncle Spike climbed on top of the branch and tapped his ears together, silencing the crowd with the brutal clacking that rang through the underground cave. The area that was occupying over two hundred small animals became silent as they eagerly awaited the explanation for their presence.

"Hello everyone," said Uncle Spike. "You all are probably wondering why you have been called here today."

"Yah shou’ are right about that, aye" shouted the female frog seated beside Mini.

The other animals paid her outburst no attention, not due to their lack of interest, but instead because they had grown so accustomed to the outbursts made by the elder frogs who were still learning English.

English was taking up by each of the animals as a second language that they had learned from years of eavesdropping on the human conversations. It was the only way they could communicate with the different species and be understood.

Most were fluent in the English language, but the frogs were the main one’s who struggled with it, due to their raspy voices and long tongues that had a hard time pronouncing certain words. When in the presence of their own species most of the animals spoke in their own dialect.

"Yes, I have called a meeting of the Tiny Animals Society because something really big has happened."

Mini repeated that name over and over in her head the way people sometimes do when they hear a catchy tune they like. The Tiny Animals Society…The Tiny Animals SocietyThe Tiny Animals Society…. The name felt right and the repetition made it float in her head.

It was an organization her great great grand father had founded many decades ago. In the past, each species in the neighborhood was at war with one another. The birds didn’t like the frogs, the rabbits didn’t care for the squirrels, and there were many other combinations of hostiles among species.

One day, her ancient ancestor was nearly gnawed to pieces by a cat and in that moment when his life was flash before his eyes he had an epiphany that surprisingly none of the other species had come across in the time span of their existence. He called all the small animals that roam our yard together and persuaded them to form an alliance.

In the alliance, he said, that there were so many large, dangerous out there in the world…the dogs, cats, the humans, and even some of the nocturnal creatures. Mini’s great ancestor suggested that if the smaller animals work together then perhaps, they could survive and protect one another from the larger animals. They were reluctant at first, convinced that this was some kind of scheme to plot their demise, but eventually they gave in and the alliance had worked well ever since.

The number of animals that fell victim to the predators in the neighborhood had been surprisingly low since the alliance had been formed. The birds would warn the playing creatures if a cat was lurking and the flightless animals would assist the birds in any way they could. Their methods of protecting one another were well organized.

The smaller animals were connected to one another, looking out for each other, while the larger animals were divided, still unable to comprehend why they had such a shortage in their prey’s for dinner or to attack for the mere pleasure.

"Whyyy…arrreee…weeee….ere?" stuttered an infant frog.

"Yes, can you tell us?" asked the squirrel leader, Chip. "We want to know why you called this meeting so late at night. My wife and I were startled by a raccoon that nearly chased us here."

"I called this meeting to inform all of you that there is a new threat in the neighborhood."

The animals erupted into chatter, creating a series of jumbled conversations through the cave causing words and phrases to collide with one another until they became incoherently blended. The rabbit leader banged his two ears together silencing the crowd again.

"What do you mean by a new threat?" asked the wife of the mice leader.

"It’s Ms. Daffale…she has a new dog."

The crowd erupted again, repeating the information that they had just received. The word dog, created a repetition of the animal’s name across the cave. Now weary of tapping his ears together the rabbit leader attempted to speak over the crowd.

"The dog-"

"Wait," interrupted the bird leader. "Ms. Daffale already has three dogs, you mean to tell us there’s another one?!"

"Yes and this dog isn’t a small one…this dog is big…vicious. I heard one of the humans next door say it’s a Pit Bull."

The various small species began to gasp in fear, envisioning the dangerous creature hunting them and destroying their lives.

"What can we do?" asked a small mice up front. "Are we even safe?"

"Relax, relax," said the rabbit leader. "We can stay safe. You’ll all just have to stay on high alert until we figure out the schedule of the dog. If we work together, then I’m certain we can overcome this situation."

Despite his soothing, reassuring words, there was a large amount of anxiety generating amount the various species at the meeting. They were unsure of how this new animal’s presence was going to affect their lives.

Submitted: June 07, 2013

© Copyright 2020 waiting for rain. All rights reserved.

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I like this a lot!
I think it flows very well and has a great message and theme to it! :)

Sat, June 8th, 2013 6:20pm


I like this! I know there has to be some powerful message behind it, but lol I can't find it :)
It's a really cool story regardless

Wed, June 12th, 2013 6:11am


I loved the frogs talking with their graspy voice and long tongues. Haha!! And they cant speak english properly coz of it. The story is really sweet and I really liked it. The Alliance of all small animals to save their lives gives out the message "United we stand, Divided we fall!!
Nice Job!!

Wed, June 12th, 2013 3:36pm

Sixella Malz

A lovely story with a great message! I really liked this (: The frogs were very amusing too. Great job!

Fri, June 14th, 2013 5:55pm


this is pretty good one. thanks for the reading request. :)

Tue, June 18th, 2013 6:39am

Liam Strong

I think you are very creative! I liked how the frogs had something of a broken, almost country accent. There were some misspellings and grammatical errors, but don't fret. I'm trying to think of what symbol could be used in this and I can only think of a few uncertain ones: Survival of the fittest? Social betters? Standing up to common fears? Unsteady society? Rabbits?
Anyway, the one thing that really bothered me was the abrupt this should almost be a short novel...but anyway, I like this lots!

Mon, July 8th, 2013 2:24am

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