Wal-Mart Stands Strong

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Satire on big francises and their rapid spreading.

Submitted: June 13, 2013

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Submitted: June 13, 2013



A series of tornados wiped out various towns in the state of Oklahoma to the point where towns that was home to tens of thousands of people have become deserts. As people rebuild their homes there is one building that stands tall and this building is the franchise Wal-Mart.

Three days after the tornado hit Oklahoma cities, construction crews were ordered to rebuild and reconstruct an entire Wal-mart Super store that had been destroyed during the tornado.

"The tornado just wiped out the Wal-Mart. I mean, it was just gone." said Desire Monpak, a loyal Wal-Mart shopper. "But I was surprised by how fast they rebuilt it."

While most people are still sorting through the wreckage of where their homes used to stand, Wal-Mart is opening for business to supply the owner’s of the destroyed homes with the supplies they need at prices that at one point could be considered be cheap, but now are regarded as expensive since the home owner’s have nothing to pay for the goods with.

"People are still upset about losing their homes," said a Wal-Mart employee. "I know that they’ll get over losing their homes when they come and shop at Wal-Mart because we stand by our motto ‘Waste Money, Suffer Better’".

Author's Notes

This is just my attempt to write some satire. This is fictional, but hopefully after reading this you understand the hidden message behind it. :):) 

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