The secret of the Purple Planet

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The continuation so many have been waiting for- The sequel to "The Purple Planet!"

Submitted: July 28, 2015

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Submitted: July 28, 2015



Ever sat and waited. The Telth had agreed to her plan. She would once and for all make the humans pay.

Had- a.k.a. the figure- appeared at the entrace to the cave and made a gesture for her to follow. She did. The Telth lived underground, in a series of caves. They had built farms, houses, and energy recorces. Although they gathered most of their energy from the river running throughout the cave, they had also built a furnace-like object. The furnace burned rocks that the Telth had gathered from the surface. The furnace powered most of the houses, and nothing more. It was more of a backup recorce.

Had took her through a field of byl. Bly was a harvestable plant, that grew in complete darkness. The plant was known only to Pluto. The bly grabbed at her clothing, it had sticky leaves and nobody exactly knew why.  Had led her to another cave, this time stopping.


Garth is waiting for you, Had said in her mind.

Then I must go, Ever answered. Had knodded and started back across the bly field. She looked into the  mouth of the cave and saw something.

Light, she thought, Someone other than a Telth is leading this, they have light... She slowly walked in not expecting what she saw. No... It can't be...



Oak turned and looked at Ever, he was still beautiful. A look of surprise crossed his face, and then he smiled. He opened his arms and Ever ran to him. She had thought her twin was dead.

"Ever," he said, "I'm glad I could finally welcome you to your new home." She had not been spoken to in two months. She had almost forgotten how to speak.

"" she asked, the words taking form in her mouth.

"We were lied to. Our mother was Quarin, but our father was not human. He was a Telth." Ever's eyes widened, why had her mother lied to them?

"Ever, have you ever noticed you have no trouble speaking the Telth language? Oh, and how you can change what you look like, and how we have wings but Quarin or humans don't?"

"Why did mother lie?" she asked.

"Because," Oak answered, "She isn't against the human race, but the Telth are."

Ever smiled. "And so are we."

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