Hyperion Dying

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This is an expirement well its a rough draft for a surealistic Gothic novel I came up with. If u like it I will add chapters if not then I will discontinue it. Enjoy because this a look into mans darkness. Waker presents to you Hyperion Dying.

Submitted: February 15, 2015

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Submitted: February 15, 2015



CH.1 Shattered

It been so long,so long since I've left my home in the mountains. Its getting colder,darker. These walls,they're nothing but lost memories. Doorways to a time long forgotten.

I've lost everything,my energy,life,and memory. Those two people in the picture to the left of the shattered mirror its my favorite. The couple,they look so happy,so peaceful I almost feel a sentiment to it. I recognize them like they were long lost friends....or something more.

Darkness envelopes this house,the woods weary with agony. There's a tattoo of the sun on my left forearm. Its the sun. The shadows of my winter mountain home change its color to a deep grey.

Its 9:00p.m. time to lock the door,and go to bed I get up and walk to the hallway. I waited to long it's too dark,if I go in there it will get me,but if I don't lock the door the other thing will get me. I know what to do.

I haven't told you about that man,he lives in the woods. No not the woods,in the shadows of the woods. When I first saw him I was married,my wife(who ever she was)was in the house unpacking. He stood there in the distance watching me from the folliage while I stared back curiously. This was so many months ago. God I wish I could remember.

Its staring at me,the thing in the hallway eyes as white as the snow outside. So dense the shadow that hides its face. Those eyes so cold and empty is the only thing that shows. Its reaching out, holding open its dry festered hand. Bones protruding, skin flaking off like crumbs from baked bread.

\"Come in its nice in here,so calm,so peaceful my weary friend\" it says in a dry gurgling voice. Damn demon,I know what it is,somewhat. Its a consumer,a carnivore, all I have ever seen is its eyes and now its hand. Its a lap dog sent by that thing in the woods. Sent to slowly trap me here.

I should've never moved here,but its to late. I'm going back to my living room,my room of memories. I notice the dark spot on the floor an oblique mass. I need to know what it is,so I'll use the protecting light of the candle. I wish it worked as well in the hallway as it does here,but the dark is to dense. I pick up the candle it smells like cinnamon. Cascading over the spot on the hard maple floor it turns red. Its blood, but from were?

End Chapter

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