I Made A Mistake

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Just a feeling

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011




Whislt you're too busy, feeling sorry for yourself, 

You've put our friendship somewhere, where?

there, at the back of this dusty soot ridden shelf. 


Can you stop walking and just for one second, 

Put yourself in my shoes, and stop speaking

It's easy, so easy, what do you reckon? 

The stench of a grudge on your breath is reaking


I made a mistake, I'm human, you commit them too 

They aren't crimes or sins, but oh - the greatest offence 

to the one and only majestical amazing you - 

So what's it to be, stop sitting on the fence! 


I've always been there for you, through the best

and the worst of times, always there I was for

you, but you seem to forget about the rest 

you seem to have closed that memory door


What do you want me to do, I call you, I text

you ignore me. I give you space, some time - 

you far from adore me, what's next? 

You expect so much, well that's fine 


I wanted you, just you, that one and

only friend, who would indeed be there 

until the bitter end - and understand 

that we are human, not perfect, not always fair


But you overlook the fact, the truth, that I 

was always - am always! -  there for you, 

I make one mistake, one slip up - and I 

find, I am alone, just one broken friend, not two. 




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