Metropolis (Smallville Continuation)

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Its a smallville continuation but with Conner and not Clark.

Submitted: June 21, 2012

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Submitted: June 21, 2012




Episode 1: Destiny




Before we start off this story lets go back a bit and


Jonathan: Clark, the only person who decides your destiny, is you.


Dr. Fate: Although Lex Luthor is your ultimate opponent, you will someday triumph over him. And when you finally achieve your destiny, you will lead a new generation of heroism, a golden age, the same as Hawkman once led ours.


LEX: Our story hasn't been written yet, Kal-El. And every villain is only as great as his hero.


CLARK: I finally know now who I’m supposed to be, what my destiny is. (Clark flies out of the fortress wearing his Superman suit).


NARRATOR: and now, the series premiere of Metropolis.


(Screen cuts into OPENING TEASER, showing the Daily Planet. Clark is wearing his tie, suit and glasses to disguise himself without people knowing his identity as Superman. He is walking out of the elevator as LOIS greets him.)


LOIS: Hey Smallville. Glad you made it on time. (she gives him a wink, and Clark grins.)


CLARK: Well you know how careful I drive Lois. I don’t break the law.


LOIS: (chuckles) That’s true. Oh and did you hear that Stern left? He got a job at another newspaper called Fame City Times. Kind of an area located near Star City.


CLARK: So who is our new editor?


(At that moment PERRY WHITE walks in.)


PERRY: Hello Clark. It’s been awhile since we last saw each other. I am your new editor.


(Clark gives a surprised look and the chow's opening sequence begins. )



(Screen blanks into Act One, where LEX is sitting at his desk at LuthorCorp, now called LexCorp. Lex reads a couple files. He had forgotten his memory of Clark’s secret. Not all of his memories of his whole life were gone, just a few.)



LEX: (reading files.) This is unbelievable. I’ve been presumed dead for over two years? How is that possible? (he sees the dead body of TESS MERCER.) Tess? Lutessa is dead... (A man walks into Lex’s office. He is one of the new private security guards for Lex.)


MAN: Mr. Luthor? They told me you wanted to see me?


LEX: Who are you?


MAN: My name is Maximilian Veers. You hired me last night.


LEX: That’s right... Max I need you to do something for me. I need you to cover up the death of Tess Mercer. Put her near the road that leads to LexCorp. Make it seem like she was mugged, before she even made it to the building. The last thing we need is dirt for LexCorp’s image.


MAXIMILIAN: I understand perfectly sir. Is there anything else?

(LEX picks up a news paper that was written by Clark Kent about how the Blur, now dubbed Superman, saved the world from the upcoming Apocalypse.)


LEX: Call the Planet and have them arrange Clark Kent to interview me. It’s time the town knows that I’m back.


MAXIMILIAN: I will do that then. (he leaves the office and Lex takes one last look at the article.)


LEX: (to himself)It’s about time that we meet again, Clark.



(Later that night, a figure wearing black chuckles as he breaks into the old JSA museum. He peaks around.)


FIGURE: Now where is that legendary helmet of Nabu... (he sees the display case that holds Dr. FATE’S helmet.) Yes.. there it is. (He punches through the glass and the helmet makes a few murmuring sounds as he grabs it. He puts on the helmet. The helmet glowers.)


FIGURE: Now I will trade my life for the one whose power is very much compared to Superman’s.... So he can be destroyed for ruining one of my operations! (He then uses Dr. Fate’s abilities and then the figure vanishes, as the helmet falls. But standing in his place is someone who looks very much like Clark Kent, but isn’t. It is Bizarro, the Phantom wraith, Clark’s doppelgänger.)


BIZARRO: (Smirks, looking down at the helmet.) I don’t know how I got back, but I am definitely glad I am.. Now it’s time to get my revenge on Clark Kent.


(Screen blanks out. A couple minutes later screen comes back into act two. CHLOE is back at Watchtower, since she had been in typing up into a computer screen. CLARK super-speeds in.)


CLARK: (smiles) Hey Chloe how are things? Welcome back from Star City.


CHLOE: (smiles and hugs Clark) Thanks Clark. I helped Oliver stop the smuggling ring. It was very interesting though. But I’ve read up on your adventures since I left a couple days ago. So people are now calling you Superman?


CLARK: It was actually Lois’s idea. She remembered meeting Carter Hall while she was in Africa, and he talked about Frederich Nietzsche’s idea about a hero, Übermensch, or in other words, the Superman.


CHLOE: That does sound like a clever name. Better than the Blur. Did you find any trace of Tess?


CLARK: Actually this morning there was a news report on television that Tess Mercer’s body was found near LexCorp. According to the police’s autopsy, and her obituary, she was stabbed while heading to the building by a mugger, but I don’t believe that one bit. This has Lex written over it.


CHLOE: Speaking of him, I’ve heard that he cleared up with the police about his death, saying that someone held him captive and tortured him. Made somebody pose as him to frame him for murdering all those innocent lives and almost an assassination attempt on Oliver’s life. But I’m not sure if he still knows your secret. I caught a footage of Tess’s confrontation with Lex. Before he killed her, she injected some sort of potion, that wiped his memory within thirty seconds while you defeated Darkseid and his vessel.


CLARK: Yeah but the sooner Lex finds out you have proof the sooner he will delete any trace of it. (His cell phone rings and he answers it.) Hello?


LOIS: (over phone) Clark, you need to check out the news now.


CLARK: (nodding) Chloe turn to the news channel. (CHLOE types into her computer.)


(A reporter is walking in front of a museum.)


REPORTER: Last night at one of the museums that LexCorp owns, several of green meteor rocks from Smallville had all been stolen. Three security guards were found dead after one of the staff of the museums found them the moment he began to start his shift this morning. (The screen shows a man in a red tie and white suit. He had brown hair and green eyes.)


REPORTER: Care to tell me what you think happened?


MAN: Well there seems to be no sign of any gunshots on either the guards or the vases. It seems as if the vases were smashed through. I think someone with a meteor power might have taken the meteor rocks.


CLARK: Chloe can you hack into the security cameras and see what actually happened last night?


CHLOE: (nodding) Sure. (Chloe types into the computer and then they see an image of three guards fighting a figure. The figure tosses them easily and his eyes glows with a yellow static beam, almost like CLARK’S heat vision. The figure wore a dark red t-shirt with a dark blue maroon jacket, the clothes Clark used to prefer to wear years ago. The figure grabbed the kryptonite as he flew up from the museum, breaking the roof. CHLOE pauses the screen.)


CHLOE: Is it me, or does that guy look like the..


CLARK: The Phantom that’s a bizarre version of me, the one Lana and I defeated... that’s impossible. Lana and I used Blue Kryptonite on him and he died. How could he possibly be back?


(Just then a young blonde girl appears. It’s Courtney Whitmore. She looks at Clark and Chloe grimly.)


COURTNEY: I can answer that question.


(Meanwhile the screen changes to LexCorp, where Bizarro, knowing now what Clark Kent looked like by reading the pictures of him in the articles he wrote, was wearing glasses and the suit and tie Clark normally wore. He appeared in LEX’s office. LEX looked at him.)


LEX: Well, Clark, it’s about time you got here. I assume you know why I asked the Planet to send for you?


(BIZARRO smirked as he leaned on Lex’s desk, and the sun exposed him, showing his face turn to stone.)


BIZARRO: Wrong person Lex. Guess whose back.


LEX: You’re the Phantom that... copied Clark’s body.


BIZARRO: That’s right Lex. And you’re going to help me bring the end of the one they call Superman.


(The screen blanks out. A few moments later the screen shifts into act three, where CLARK and COURTNEY are at the JSA museum.)


COURTNEY: I was traveling around the world a couple of days ago to find someone who would be proven worthy of becoming the next Dr. Fate. I found someone in Shanghai, China. He and I were on the next first class plane trip back to the States. By the time he and I made it to the museum we found out that somebody broke into it and it seems that someone smashed the case that was holding the helmet of Nabu. My guess is someone used it to exchange his life for your doppelgänger’s.


CLARK: Well it seems we need to track the Phantom’s whereabouts. (he takes out his cell phone.) Chloe, have you found any leads to where the Phantom is?


CHLOE: (over phone) Yes. There’s been a few reports of someone blurring all over the city. The recent one was in... Oh God.


CLARK: What is it, Chloe?


CHLOE: (over phone) He’s at LexCorp, Clark. You need to get there quickly.


CLARK: I’m on my way Chloe.


COURTNEY: Need any back-up?


CLARK: Yeah I probably may be needing some. He’s able to absorb green Kryptonite, so he’s a lot stronger than me.


COURTNEY: Lead the way then.


(Clark nods and then super-speeds, changing into Superman and began to fly. Courtney changed into Stargirl and used her Light Staff to help her fly and follow him. Meanwhile the screen shifts to LexCorp, where Bizarro is sitting at Lex’s chair drinking wine and Lex looks at him.)


LEX: What possibly makes you think that you’ll be able to defeat Superman, Phantom?


BIZARRO: You do happen to know the story of the Traveler from Krypton, right? Well if you’ve read the papers, those meteor rocks can weaken him. You know for a fact Superman is, in fact, Kal-El.


LEX: And you want me to supply enough meteor rocks for you in exchange if you kill Superman for me.


BIZARRO: That’s correct Lex. And if you don’t, I’ll expose to the world the true Lex Luthor. While I was dead, I met your dear father in the afterlife. He told me you killed him, Lex. It’s a cold world, isn’t it? You became a true Luthor, by killing your own father.


LEX: No one will believe you. They think Lionel committed suicide. There’s no proof of it, and if you think you can incriminate me for murdering my father. If you ask me he deserved it.


BIZARRO: Come on, Lex, you know for a fact that I can in fact expose you. Because Clark Kent is a journalist now, right? Just one submitted article to Perry, along with a little... tape recorder I’ve brought, which by the way, just now recorded your exact words.... and then you’ll be shunned by the rest of the world.


(LEX grabs his gun and Bizarro smirks.)


BIZARRO: Please. You didn’t learn last time, did you? (Bizarro punched Lex hard and he impact knocked him down the ground, unconscious and causes him to drop his gun. Bizarro steps on the gun, crushing it. He’s about to deliver a deadly blow when a red blur rushed into the room and flew the both of them out of the window. They landed to a deserted place away from Metropolis. Clark, aka Superman, gets up as does Bizarro.)


BIZARRO: Ah, Clark, I was wondering when I’d get to fight you again. (He smirked evilly.) You’re going to pay for what you and Lana Lang did to me the last time we met.


SUPERMAN: I’m going to make sure you don’t kill innocents again.


BIZARRO: Have you forgotten that I’m powerful? I’ve already absorbed a lot of amount of kryptonite, Clark! (He super-sped and punched him. Superman groaned from the impact then got up wiping the blood from his face. He super-leaped and punched him, but BIZARRO grabbed his arm and tossed him to the ground.) You’re no match for my strength. (a beam hits BIZARRO, knocking him to the ground. COURTNEY stands across from him, as she walks closer to Clark.)


STARGIRL: He isn’t alone, punk!


(BIZARRO looked at her in surprise.)


BIZARRO: And just who the hell are you?


STARGIRL: The name’s Stargirl. Say cheese! (She uses her staff to hit BIZARRO. CLARK gets up and uses his heat vision on Bizarro. BIZARRO groaned, a bit weakened by the attack but then laughs.)


BIZARRO: I’m having too much fun. (He then uses his version of Clark’s heat vision, attempting to knock Stargirl down but Clark super-speeds in front of her and blocks it.)


SUPERMAN: You’re not going to get away Bizarro.


BIZARRO: Who said anything about attempting to escape, Clark? I’m going to kill you, then I’ll take your life, so that way people will look at you as a killer rather than a hero.


(Just as Bizarro was about to deliver another attack an arrow is fired on Bizarro, which stuns him to the ground. SUPERMAN and STARGIRL look behind them when they see OLIVER, aka GREEN ARROW, appear behind him.)


GREEN ARROW: Looks like I got here in the nick of time. (The screen goes blank, and then a few moments later the screen blanks out, coming to act four, which takes place in Watchtower. CLARK, CHLOE, OLIVER, and STARGIRL are sitting down on the couch.)


CLARK: It’s a good thing you came back in the nick of time Oliver. I thought you were going to be busy patrolling Star City.


OLIVER: Yeah, I was until Chloe called me and told me about your situation. I was able to developed a blue kryptonite taser that could stun Bizarro for awhile, but not kill him. It’s a good thing too, otherwise you two would have both been dead.


COURTNEY: So, where is he now? I mean you mentioned you were going to take him somewhere.


CHLOE: Yup. We took him up to a maximum security prison in outer space where our team’s new headquarters will be, courtesy of Queen Industries. John Jones and Oliver were able to develop a prison bar that emits sunlight to weaken the Phantom and also we have guards that know what to do in case he tries to break out.


CLARK: That’s good. Speaking of which, the last place the Phantom went before we fought was straight to Lex. I think he’s okay. He was just released from the hospital a few minutes ago.


OLIVER: Thinking of paying him a visit, Clark?


(Clark nodded.)


(Later at night LEX is viewing his computer reading files when SUPERMAN flies to LEXCORP to the window. LEX opens it.)


LEX: Well if it isn’t the Traveler, Kal-El. Or do you now prefer to be called Superman? What brings you here to barge into my office?


SUPERMAN: I know the Phantom paid you a visit, Lex. What did he want?


LEX: Nothing that would concern you. I already knew he was going to betray me anyway. But let’s not talk about the Phantom now. (He takes a seat to his chair.) What I want to talk to you about, Superman is for you, to work for me. Think about it. With my intellect, and your powers, we’d both be saviors of the world! Your abilities would be useful to me on, say, a global scale. Why don’t you join me in here and we’ll discuss it?

(SUPERMAN glances at LEX grimly, looking at him.)


SUPERMAN: I will never join nor allow you to control me Luthor. I’ll be watching you. (SUPERMAN flies away and LEX grins slightly.)


LEX: Oh you will, Superman. Whether you like it or not.


(Screen blanks to the end credits.)


Episode 2 : Deception


Scene One


(The scene takes place at the daily planet with Clark and Lois Heading for the elevator)


Clark: Lois, come on. (Clark laughs annoyed) You've been cooped up here all day. Superman isn't needed I got a bit of free time let’s do something.


Lois: Clark, give me just a few more seconds. (Lois finishes a story on the computer and then looks to Clark) I'm all yours, Smallville. (She said with a smile)


(Clark and Lois get up and head towards the elevators when Lois's cell goes off)


Lois: Hello? Oh hi, mom. (she says smiling as she puts her hand over the phone) Clark, it's Mom. (Lois continues to listen) Yes I'm sure Clark would love to see him again (she smiles and hangs up)


Clark: What's going on? Who was that?


Lois: Clark, we have a guest at the farm who would like to see you again. I won't say who. Promise me when I get to the apartment you will have finished a tiny bit of packing so we can stay at the farm for a week or two? (Lois smiles innocently)


Clark: Well, I'll go to the apartment and pack up. But if I don't know who it is by the time we get to the farm, (Clark pushes the elevator button) then we are coming straight back home.


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