Natural Selection

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When you can't find the words to say to the one you love, find them in nature.

Submitted: February 08, 2012

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Submitted: February 08, 2012



I want to speak of my adoration

Paint the shape of your body into the rolling hills

Each blade of grass a new word only my lips know

Every ravine a break in the language where sound isn't needed.

I want the soft breeze to laugh softly as it tousels your hair

Let its gentleness draw a good-humored smile to your lips

I want nature to illustrate your beauty

Falling leaves an interpretive dance of your marred grace

The ever-changing hue of the ocean the depth of your eyes

The sunset the gentle arch of your sides

Your smile meets mine in the horizon

The moon casts a glow on your skin

We are one, my dearest

Mother Earth and Father Time

Our hearts beat with the rhythm of the earth

Our breathing every second of the hours that compose us

Eternity rises before us in the desert, where we were once scorched by the heat

I want you to be my oasis when my tongue is parched

I want the clouds in the sky to meld with the paleness of your skin

This place beyond the time-scarred universe

Is where we shall sow the seeds of our love

Where, when death becomes us

We shall come back as trees, dancing in the wind

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