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Wrotew this not knowing any other way to express it.

Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012



Where were you when my mother died?

Where were you during the genocide?

Where were You when your people cried out?

God Almighty hear our shouts!

How long oh Lord will you turn away?

How long will you watch us suffer day by day?

How long will you close your eyes?

As all your people sit here and cry.

Why does it seem you do not care?

Why do you allow us to stay scared?

Why can I not see your love and mercy?

Why aren’t you ever here with me?

Then when it seems that you’re not there,

I see the people stop and stare.

Listening close to the children’s song

We hear your voice say I was here all along.

Here in your heart when you felt alone.

Here in your friends when you were on your own.

Here in the darkness when there was no light.

Here in the world that didn’t seem right.

Here all along waiting for you.

To call for me to help you through

Everything you cannot do.

I know it seems to be hard to see

But I promise with you is where I’ll always be.

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