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taking it back to changes by tupac...i feel that song should have sparked alot more people then it did at that. so most of my way of thinking is for him. alive or dead he knew what was up.wrong or right he was someone that ment a dent in the so called norm.......

Submitted: January 04, 2016

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Submitted: January 04, 2016



whats wrong with the world today

we cant change the world till we change the world we live in

evreyone is mob. thats what its girls with girls

kids today lack respect

and if they cant respect others how can we respect them.

in my eyes respect over powers the dollar

you can alway make more money you

can always find or fix the things paid for.

but respect and feelings cant be bought

memorise cnt be deleted or upgraded

people make mistskates granted but forgivness is worth more then

peace of paper or plastic ..

we judge people way to fat. we need to help people not throw them away when they fuck up/ \

for we know not what we do.... isnt that what we were tought to god i trust

why is it when someone is honest n trys to better them self people shut doors people close their windows.

people put their hands in their pockets.

poeple lost sight of what family really means.and from what i was shown... we all are gods children and brothers n sisters should pick up their brothers n sisters. not muck n make fun of their short comings

this is way familys fall apart. for we do not undertsnad what one goes through.

we need to go back to the 90s n write the wrongs. we need the 90s  back. real music real art real thoughts.

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