simple breakfast.simple view yet paradoxically stubborn

have you ever tried to make your own scrambled eggs? chances are everyone who doesn't have a butler in the morning or college students living in dorms with empty fridges all have attempted to make one at one time or another. It seems so simple to make a scrambled egg right? yet ask everyone who's not a chef how their experience were in making one and you get very mixed expressions in their faces, some will smirk, some will smile, and some will turn their head just slightly as if it's something that they want to forget. so what's my point? at this length in reading you might ask? my point is that an experience as mundane as making a scrambled egg, however seemingly unimportant it might be, can become a part of who we are, an experience will settle itself on our subconscious mind, whether its trying to make a scrambled eggs once or helping someone in need, experiencing tragedy, or being left by a loved one. an experience in a way defines who we are, adds to our character, and are the building blocks of our identity. this is a thought i think worth pondering awhile for.

Submitted: July 28, 2010

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