To whom it may concern:

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Submitted: June 08, 2009

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Submitted: June 08, 2009



Excuse me dear, dear Honor sir;

When pointing at me please use all five fingers instead of just one

This is because your going to need all of them to count the number of times that these five fingers have

Rubbed angry bellies

OR the times that they have wiped salty tears

OR counted tiny toes

As you unfold your hand, finger by finger let it remind you of the years that I have dedicated my life to,

Momentous milestones and

Morning to midnight sniffles

All of which eventually end up with me using my own body as a Vomit Bag

OH and yes sir your Honorable Honor sir;

Please don’t mind those scaly pig nose reptiles behind me

The ones with a stomach for knees and

Arms flailing wildly like squeaking mailbox flags

They are all too busy searching for

The lost remote



Lost amongst the layers of greed that they wear for the world to see

And Yes Yes sir of Sirs

I do solemnly surrender to the fact that you have uncovered

The gaping hole inside me that I cannot hide any longer

But I will continue to graciously deny your request to fill it with

Flighty assumptions and Life’s

Androgynous generalities

And Please dear Old man don’t

even bother looking me the eyes

The grey will only confuse you

It is the shade that blankets me

I thrive amid the uncertainty of it all

Violently rejecting your black and white world of lies

Like a still born baby from the womb

No cries to resound in this blank empty room


For in this grey lies my truth And the fate of Another

And in this grey is the place where I first became, MOTHER.

© Copyright 2017 Wandering star. All rights reserved.

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