The Rookie

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about a female police officer meeting another new female officer.

Submitted: September 03, 2012

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Submitted: September 03, 2012



I had been a police officer for just under a year when a new rookie came to my station. Her first day as a rookie was the first time I saw her. She had her brown hair tied up in a nice ponytail. She had gorgeous eyes and a body I could only dream of having, it was fit but she was tall and slim, tan skin and had a little bit of arm muscles. As she walked to the captains office all the male officers starred her down. They were as shocked as I was to see such a beautiful young woman in a police uniform. The captain introduced her to all the officers and they welcomed her greatly, me being stunned and shy sat at my desk and pretended to be doing paper work, there was no way I wanted to be caught blushing. When I finally felt like I wasn't red anymore I introduced myself. "Hi, I'm Officer Parker, Whitney Parker." "Hi, nice to meet you, my name’s Ashley Black" she replied with a smile. The captain came over and asked if Ashley's could be with me seeing that I was the second youngest female officers in our division.

I wanted to be completely professional so while we were driving around town I was quizzing her on the basics, stuff my mentor did when I was a rookie. She seemed very bright and answered all the questions correctly. Nothing exciting happened that day, so once we were done our shift we went to the change room. Her locker wasn't too far from mine. She was making small talk saying that she thinks she's going to like working here and learning new things. I had to contain myself from watching her change. She put on a white v neck, black dress pants and a jacket and slipped on some heels, she looked like she was about to go out somewhere. "Do you have a date?" The question just spilled out of my mouth. She giggled and said "no, because it’s my first day in all I thought I'd dress a bit nice, but this isn't that much different than what I usually wear" I smiled and went back to changing. She said goodbye and that was the end of the first day.

Mark, one of the officers that were eyeing Ashley when she came through the door yesterday asked the captain if he could team up with Ashley today to give her a different perspective. The captain agreed, I wasn’t that mad about it I needed to focus on work and not her anyways. A few weeks went by and I hadn't really talked to her besides a few hellos in the hallway and locker room until we were on the same case together, it was just a minor burglary no one was hurt and the theft was caught. After our shift was over Ashley asked if I’d join her at the local bar for drinks with everyone, I agreed. Ashley and I didn’t drink that much I just went to chat with everyone. Mark came over to our table a little drunk and asked Ashley to dance and she said yes. I tried not being jealous but I was. It was 1am and I was tired so I said goodbye to everyone and went home.

The next day Ashley and I we’re teamed up again and I asked her about her night with Mark. She laughed and said it was fun. “Why did you leave so early?” she asked “I was tired and wasn’t in the drinking mood.” “Oh?” She responded. There was a bit of awkward silence after that for a bit till she random asked “what do you do for fun, like when you’re not working?” “I love taking pictures it’s just a fun hobby and I go to the local basketball court as many times as I can just to shoot some hoops by myself.” I responded. “If you want company sometime I would love to play you.” “You play basketball?” I questioned. “Yes I’ve played in high school for a few years, I’m not that great but I find it fun.” “Same here.” I agreed.

After our shift was over it was around 10pm and I felt like shooting hoops after talking about it with Ashley. I asked her if she wanted to join and she said yes. We got changed and I drove us over to the local basketball court, no one was there but the lights were still on. After playing One on One for little over 2 hours we were both exhausted after a long day of work and then our game. I asked if she wanted to come back to my place to cool off seeing as it was closer than hers. She agreed and I drove us to my apartment. We arrived at my tiny apartment, we were laughing, talking about random stuff. We got inside; I poured us a glass of water each, we downed them in seconds. She noticed the unopened wine I had gotten from my mother as a welcome home present a few months ago on my counter. "Do you want open your wine?" She asked me as she held in her hands. "Sure, seeing that we don't have work tomorrow" I replied while finding the bottle opener. I got two wine glasses out and she poured the wine. We got our glasses and sat on my couch to watch whatever was on TV. We watched the comedy channel for a bit then a random movie came on so we decided to watch it. Ashley got up to get the wine bottle; we finished the entire bottle before the movie ended. The movie got kind of boring so we just kept talking about anything, joking around and having a good time, I was thinking her and I could be really good friends.

I was getting cold so I asked if she was to so we could share my blanket and as I turned my face to ask her, her face was already turned to me and being as we were sitting pretty close our noses were practically touching. We both paused there for a moment then I moved my head a bit back, but she then leaned in and kissed me, and a rush ran through my body, I had no idea she was into me like that for all I knew she liked guys from the way she was with the guys at work. I kissed her back and took over from there. We were kissing for what seemed like forever. She stopped for a minute and sat on my lap; as if I wasn’t turned on already, I definitely was now. She continued kissing my neck and back to my lips. I put my hands under her shirt and slowly removed it. Her sports bra was squishing her boobs so I removed that to. They were a lovely shape and size not to small and not too big, perfect. I had my hands cupping them playing with them gently. Then I put my arm around her body and laid her down on the couch. I moved closer and nearly on top of her while I kissed her from the neck down. I could tell she was enjoying it; she kept pushing her body more and more into me. Before I had the chance to slip her out of her shorts she sat up, removed my top and sports bra and then pushed me on my back and laid on top of me. She wanted the control back. This drove me mad but in the best way possible I still couldn’t believe this was happening. We went back to kissing, both our half naked bodies touching. She worked her way down to my chest and slowly licked and sucked on my tits. I squirmed in pleasure. She kept moving down, kissing my shorts line, slowly bringing them down with every kiss. She finally removed them, along with my underwear. I was now fully nude in front of this beautiful woman. Before I could let her go any further I brought her face up to mine, while kissing her I pushed myself up and made her lay down so I could remove her shorts. “I don’t think its fare that I’m the only one fully nude,” I whispered with a smirk. She laughed and I continued. Now both fully nude, I decided we should leave my tiny couch and go to the bed room. I grabbed her hand and kissed her to the bed room. She spun me around and gently pushed me onto my bed. We both were giggling and kissing. We both figured out we both liked being in control, so we took turns.

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