Stolen Dreams

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Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Submitted: April 18, 2013



Excuse me, can you hear me?

‘Cause I really need to talk

About something that happened when I took a quick walk

I was drug into a building and taken to the back

There a man I’d never seen injected me with smack

And dizzily he drug to a place I’d never been

And told me just that I could not go home again

In a tiny room I sit handcuffed near the floor

Hearing these loud footsteps as I’m dragged through the door

Stripped of all my clothing and sent out on a stage

The look on these men’s faces is an angry sexual rage

Numbers fly all over me and in moments I am sold

Pulled into the lobby to meet this “master” man

Seeing him now clearly he’s much older than he seemed

Old enough to be the man to take away my dreams

To strip away my dignity

To ignore my quiet pleas

And after all too long of this my spirit start leave

Leaving just my body sitting here on its knees

Waiting for my master to take me at his will

Hoping for one moment that he’ll let me just sit still

I hope you make things happen, I hope you get things done

After me let there be no other one

No other spirit stolen

No other dreams destroyed

No other person forced to do the things I’ve done and said

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