Lost In The Moonlight

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After many years, the wedding is over and it's honeymoon time.

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012



Halfway through his shower,  Dave's stomach was churning.  After years of waiting, the moment was near.

He should be excited, he reminded himself.  And he was.  This was going to be wonderful.  Yes, it would be.  It was also supposed to be fun.  Most definitely.  So why the hell was he suddenly so nervous?

Without resolving the issue, he finished rinsing the soap from his body then toweled himself off.  He stepped out of the shower and wiped the steam from the mirror before wrapping the towel around his waist and reaching for the hair dryer.  As its noise filled the room and he went through the motions of grooming his hair the same way he had done a thousand times before, he let his thoughts wander back through the past and suddenly, he was 14 years old again and he was terrified.

Of a girl.

Sitting there at his eighth grade desk, Dave had looked over at the sandy haired blonde beside him.  She was  pretty, really pretty and her body was more than hinting at even better developments in the future.  Today was the day he had decided that he was going to speak to her and he had no idea what he was going to say.  For the past 30 minutes he had sat there fidgeting, mentally kicking himself as he rejected one corny sounding line after another.  Stealing glances at her every so often, he knew that before long the bell was going to ring and that he would have to wait until tomorrow for another chance.  Then he realized that tomorrow was Saturday.  If he let this chance pass by, it would have to wait all the way until Monday.  That thought was simply unacceptable.  There was no way he could wait that long, but the clock was ticking.  Just as he glanced over at her once more, disaster struck.  At that moment, she turned her head and saw him looking at her.

"Is something wrong?" she had asked.

Oh shit!  Already nervous and caught red handed like this, he said the only thing that came to mind, intelligent or not. "Uh......um...  Do you have an extra pencil?"

She'd merely smiled and reached into her folder.  "Well you've already got one in your hand but if you think that you need two of them, how about this?  Will a red one do?"

That had been the beginning.  On that day Dave had learned that her name was Pam and she was to remain at the center of his thoughts all through the long weekend.  Eventually he was able to come up with better topics of conversation and before long they were boyfriend and girlfriend.  After four months they had broken up but a few months later they were together again, establishing a precedent that would repeat itself all through junior high and then high school.  They had gone their separate ways during that first year of college but reconnected the following summer.  And that was pretty much that.

Dave had changed schools in order to be closer to her and now here they were, still together.  Six months after college graduation, they had both landed decent jobs and the time was right.

Saving a lot of money, hassle and frustration for themselves and others, they had foregone a traditional wedding.  They had flown in to Saint Thomas at 2:00 that afternoon and checked into the Frenchman's Reef Resort.  A couple of hours after they were settled in Pam had changed into a white sun dress and Dave was in a button up shirt and pair of Bermuda shorts.  As the sun died a fiery death they stood barefoot beneath a gazebo on a point that jutted into the bay in front of the hotel and said their vows with only a preacher, a videographer and two witnesses present.

A four course candlelit dinner of broiled lobster followed, interrupted periodically by guests that had seen the earlier nuptials and wished them well or bought them drinks.  When they returned to their suite, they discovered a trail of white rose petals leading to the king size bed and a bottle of chilled champagne and heart shaped box of chocolate.  These would be put to good use later.

Pam had taken a shower first and beautified herself.  Nearly complete with the same process, after his hair was dry Dave made sure that he brushed his teeth and gargled extra good.  Earlier the thought had crossed his mind, what exactly does a groom wear to bed on his wedding night?  Deciding that it mattered not at all because it wouldn't stay on very long anyway, he left the towel wrapped around his waist as he flicked off the bathroom light and opened the door to behold his bride.

This was precisely when he got the first inkling that something wasn't right.

She was nowhere to be seen.

The room was dark but there was enough light coming through the sliding glass door for him to see that she wasn't in the room.

What the hell?  Was she playing games?  On their wedding night?  He was just about to call out her name when something from the corner of his eye caught his attention. 

The bottom of the curtain in front of the door was lifting in the breeze. 

Someone had left the balcony door open.

A little hesitant, Dave walked in silence over to the door.  As he looked outside his feeling of dread evaporated, replaced once again by the butterflies.

There, out on the balcony with her back to him stood Pam.  His wife.  That sounded kind of funny, he thought.  His wife.  As he stood in the doorway he repeated those two words over and over in his mind.  My wife.  My wife.  He decided that he kind of liked the way it sounded and he smiled to himself.

Dave remained where he was, leaning against the door jamb and quietly taking in the view that stretched on forever.

Far across the still waters of the harbor, the lights of Charlotte Amalie ringed the shoreline in a half circle.  A cruise ship tied at the city's dock added to the scene, providing layer upon layer of lights that echoed across the water in endless patterns.  The darkness of the jungled hillsides surrounding the bay provided a stark contrast,  interrupted only here and there by even more twinkles of light piercing the blackness.

Closer in were the dimly lit pathways that meandered throughout the hotel's garden.  Twenty yards from their balcony was the ocean and a quarter mile down the beach the bright lights and cheery atmosphere of Coco Joe's spilled out onto the sand, accompanied by the faint sounds of their steel drum band.

Then there was the moonlight.  And Pam.  Leaning forward with her hands on the balcony railing, as she stood there looking out over the water the moon beamed just above her head and illuminated all in its path.  Dressed in a flowing gown of the thinnest material imaginable, she and the moonlight were a perfect complement to each other, leaving little to the imagination of those that might be behind.

Dave needed no imagination. Their outline plainly visible through the barely there gown, he looked at Pam's legs. Beginning at her ankles, his eyes traced a northerly path, up and over the delicate curve of her calves and continued on to the smoothness of her thighs before coming to the shapely contours of her buttocks.  There they lingered, then his gaze continued up the small of her back and to her shoulder length hair, drifting behind her in the breeze.

Drinking all of this in, Dave never noticed the palm tree standing off to the right side of their balcony, or the sound of it's fronds rustling from time to time.  His eyes remained fixated on the woman before him.  His wife.

"What are you looking at?" he asked quietly.

Pam raised her arms, gesturing out before her.  "This.  All of this," she said.  "It's..............  It's just beautiful."

Dave was silent, maintaining his position in the doorway 6 feet behind her.

Pam remained at the railing, still looking out at the view.  Finally she turned halfway around so that she could see her husband.  "What are you looking at?" she wondered.

As she stood there, in profile, Dave's eyes shifted, automatically drawn to the pear shaped outlines of her breasts.  Straining against the sheer fabric, they stood in wondrous silhouette against the moonlight streaming from behind.  Then he let his eyes roam even further, down over her flat stomach and to the tuft of her pubic hair, plainly evident whenever the wind pushed her gown tightly against her hips.  Continuing on, he made it past her thighs and all the way down to her knees before his gaze began a slow retreat, marveling at all of the same scenery as before, only in reverse this time.

Not bothering with an answer, Dave looked at Pam's face.  Repeatedly brushing back the loose strands of hair that blocked her vision, she was fighting a losing battle.  It was cute, watching her do that.  Cute and kinda funny. He smiled again.

He stayed where he was for a few more seconds, reluctant to spoil the picture before him.  He wanted to savor the moment.  To commit every detail to memory so that he could  relive it over and over.

Satisfied at last, Dave stepped forward.  Pam turned to face him fully and she smiled in return as his arms wrapped around her, pulling their bodies tightly together.  As he looked deep into her eyes at last he answered her question.

"I'm looking at perfection," he whispered.  "Absolute perfection."

A few seconds after their lips met he felt her fingers tugging at his waist  and the towel fell away, taking all of the butterflies in his stomach with it.

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