Answers within the rubble

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this is just a random story i'm writing. i decided to put my own little twist on the game Fall Out. i hope you guys enjoy. i may of more not continue this. depends on how much feedback i get.

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011




CHAPTER 1- introductions


  Capital Waisteland, 2235. 30 years after WW III. The nuclear fallout is still in the air and nearly everything is radiated -with the exceptions of some underground well water and purified water. Feral goul tribes run rampent in the  wasteland while civilization is beginning to thrive in both Capital city, and many other smaller towns. This is the story of a young cub from Vault 101, whom after her father died mysteriously, roams all throughout the capital wasteland for answers


  Dawning my armor and slinging my gun of choice around my back, I pin my ears back and stare at the seemingly endless wasteland. The devastation after that first bomb wiped out almost all of civilization, leaving only those of us whom hunkered down in vaults unharmed.

  A few wild animals survived, but were mutated badly. Many humans were also mutated, turned into ghouls or supermutents. Not many furs were mutated, but many of us died. Our bodies can't handle the fallout like the humans can.

  Exiting my home- vault 101- I am immediately met by an annihilator. These robots were created to help the police fight crime, but now they're just evil little bastards.

  I cock my gun, Vengeance, and blast the little son of a bitch into a million different pieces. It didn't even have time to draw it's own puny weapon.

  I smile at myself and shake out my candy apple red hair, whistling loudly. I soon hear the friendly panting of my loyal dog Rex. He runs up and pounces on me, his fluffy tail wagging at the speed of light.

  I laugh and push him down, making my way towards the center of the Capital Wasteland- what used to be Washington D.C.

  After about an hour and a half of walking I am met by one of the members of the NCR, or New California Republic. These are people who run a democratic government much like pre-war America, and is the largest faction in post-apocalyptic America, both by population and landmass.

  "Hello." the human says to me, his eyes obviously searching my armor for my breasts. "A cub like yourself shouldn't wander the wasteland alone. Deathclaws could getcha." he says with a smirk.

  I roll my eyes and sling my Gatling laser back over my shoulder and shift my weight. "Look," I sigh "I'm looking for somewhere to buy supplies for both me and my vault. You got a map I can use?"

  The pig of a human eyes me than pulls a yellow piece of parchment from his trousers, his guns rattling against what seems to be caps.

  "Here." he hands me the paper "I expect to see you back here soon, cubby." his beady eyes wander back down my amor, and I have the urge to punch him in the face.

  I walk away, following what's left of the broken cement road and marking a few places on my map of where I need to go.

  I soon notice a few other places are already marked.

  The deathclaw sanctuary where I found my gun, a few ghoul tribes, and even one spot labeled "Caesar's Legion" 

  I've heard of these guys only once before. They are an autocratic confederation consisting of 86 conquered tribes that rejects the use of most technology and instead uses slave labour. Basing its culture and ideals from the historic Roman Empire, the Legion expands its borders by violently conquering nearby lands, massacring and enslaving the original inhabitants and obliterating their previous culture.

  I'll have to remind myself to stay away from them as best as possible.

  I roll my map up and shove it into the crevice between my thigh and my armor, my fur ruffling slightly.

  Sighing, I look down at Rex, who's happily panting and looming up at me with his forever grinning maw. I pat his back softly and head off in the direction of a small market place that was marked on the map.

  Once I find the market place I'm greeted by a smiling fox, his long auburn tail held high and his ears pinned forward. He outstretched his brown paw at me. "Hi there, stranger! I'm mark. Nice to meet you."

  I smile warmly and shake his paw, glad to find someone who seems civil. "Hey." I say "I'm looking for a few things. Think you got what I need?"

  "ABSOLUTELY!" the fox exclaims and prances under a small tarp held up by wooden rods. "Come, let me show you my inventory! I also repair weapons and armor." his obviously naïve smile appears again.

  I might have to keep this guy around.


  With the sun high above the hazy wasteland, I shield my greyblue eyes with my paw and look to the north. Something catches my eye. A small round floating robot, with antennae points towards the sky.

  As it draws closer, the sound of the American national anthem fills my ears.

  I tilt my head and try to remember where I had heard this tune before, but I couldn't.

  Then I heard the familiar robotic "Voice" of an annihilator. "Law abiding citizens have nothing to fear." it says.

  Not in the mood for dealing with it, I pull my shotgun from my belt and holding it against my shoulder, I aim directly at the bastard's "face".

  One shot and sparks fly everywhere, the carcass of the robot falling to the dirt.

  I search the body and find a few extra caps, and some jet.

  I decide both will come in handy and pocket then.

  I then tread down deeper into the wasteland, mindlessly walking, searching for some sign of life.

  Soon there is a burning pain in my shoulder, followed by a cry of "FOR THE BROTHERHOOD."

  There's a red flash and before I can jump out of the way, another pain fills my stomach.

  A laser rifle. I'm being attacks with a fucking laser rifle.

  I pull Vengeance from my back and fire In the direction the laser is coming from. There's another cry of "FOR THE BROTHERHOOD." and a grenade lands at my footpaws, tapping against my black claws.

  Scampering away, the blast tosses me to the ground. I land on my belly and loose the ability to breathe.

  Four figures surround me, their guns pointed at my head. A pool of blood drips around me and my vision blurs from pain. Being one to never give up, I sit up clutching my stomach.

  A large dragon stares at me with an evil scowl. "Are you part of the NCR?" his voice growls, his bright purple wings flaring out in disgust as he hisses the three letters.

  I shake my head and wince from the pain in my stomach, black dots filling my vision.

  I feel hands under my armpits, and I'm picked up by a chocolate colored human, crying our as my wounded shoulder is touched.

  The dragon clicks his claws against my armor and searches my eyes. He then nods and flaps his wings, kicking up a cloud of dust as he lifts off and flies away.

  My vision fades and all I hear is the scrambling of feet. I'm pretty sure I let out painful whimpers, but I can't be sure.

  Soon, I'm totally unconscious.

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