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confessions are always easiest when they aren't face to face.

Submitted: May 08, 2012

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Submitted: May 08, 2012



You expect me to be happy,

You want me to smile,

You want to know that I'm okay.


You say you'd catch me if i fell,

and say if I told you secrets you'd never tell,

But you never quite understand why I'm silent.


Yes, you ask me what's wrong if I let it show,

And you hug me close if you see me breaking down,

But you still have no idea what I'm hiding.


Well, my love, here it is,

Everything is laid out on the table just for you,

I'll start from the top and work my way down.


You've crossed more times than you know,

But for some reason I continue coming back,

Unable to stay in my furious haze.


I've thought about the end of you,

of me,

of everything I've built and worked for and love so much.


I've lost track of the times I've stared at the wall,

Sobbing flame hot tears,

Waiting for the right time to lash out.


But somehow,

And I still don't know how,

Your warm embrace brings me back to safety.


You've made me want to bleed and die,

Put me on the end,

And pressed a hand to my back until I'm nearly falling off this cliff.


Yet each time i tremble in fear of falling,

You grab my shirt and pull me close,

Giving me time to clam down again.


You've made me want to break you,

To ruin your soul,

And rip apart your heart.


Though, I never really could,



My darling,

I love you far too much for that.


The simple thought of you being cross with me sends me to my knees,

I could never hurt you so,

I couldn't bare the pain and guilt.


For all the pleasure I take from our time together,

Once you're gone everything rushes back,

And I feel just as empty as before.


You see,

You are my world,

My home,

My center.


This world is our fulcrum,

And for each tear I shed,

I drop closer and closer to the pits of Hell.


I love you,

Never question that,

But I need to let you know.


I'm ready to die.

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