Back To Back (stars)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Usually when i post on here I've had it for a few weeks and had other revise it and such. well this one's a bit different. today, i need an outlet and i figured you as my loyal readers deserve to hear my real thoughts. there's no revising in this. it's pure and true. please enjoy. but be warned... it's raw.

Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011



I want to take my razor blade to my wrists,

And make my heart stop hurting.


That promise i made to my brother,

barely means a thing when you're low.


Those nights i spent crying,

they seem worth it when you smile.


Yeah maybe I'm a little pathetic,

my ways of doing things aren't perfect,

But i'd rather you break my bones then see your heart break.


Physical pains heals quickly,

And keeps my heart from breaking.


I'd rather you beat me when you were angry,

then let your mood simmer in acid.


Don't think i can't see it when our eyes meet,

And it seems my words mean nothing.


With everything that's happened,

And everything that will,

I see no point in giving up,

If it means that you will.


I'll fight until my final breath,

No matter what happens.


I'll hold you close any time,

Even if you hold a knife.


My body isn't afraid of you,

But for my heart that isn't true.


It hurts me to think you never smile,

and it stings to know it's me.


I'll make everything right again,

or i'll end my life trying.


I'd stop my heart from beating,

if it meant you'd live one more day.


So tell me my darling,

all that you want,

and know you're not alone


Sometimes the stars,

they do fall,

But with those stars,

we can wish.


Never give up hope,

don't give in,

oh no.


Don't make us sit back to back,

There's nothing in this world that i want more,

than to just see you smile.

© Copyright 2020 WarmSummerRain. All rights reserved.

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