Black Is The Kiss Of The Serpent's Son

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this is real contemporary poetry.
real- the true "style" as well as real- this is my true emotion and life

Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



I bet you never would have guessed,

After that first day we met,

I would have committed so easily.

I bet you never knew,

that every second you were away,

I'd try not to wonder,

I'd try not to care,

where you were,

or who you were with.

It was hard,

I just couldn't help myself,

I fell in love with you.

And now,

after just under a year,

the best almost year of my life,

you tell me you're going to leave.

Will you remember me?

Will you remember how you slept in MY bed,

how I moaned your name as we became one,

how you kissed me so soft and tender as you whispered sweet hymns of love?

Will you rememeber the hours we spent talking,

about everything and nothing,

about us and them?

Or will you only remember me as broken,

nothing but a doll,

living vicariously and thrown around at your leasure.

You'd better remember the things I did for you,


Look at how my wrists bleed,

how your name will forever scar my skin!

Look at what i did for you!

See how my sides are covered in gashes,

oozing the crimson liquid you'd lick from your lips while telling me what i "meant" to you.

Tell me,

what have i done so wrong?

Was what i am not enough?

Did my actions not suffice?

Tell me what I am supposed to do!

I told you I loved you,

i poured my heart into you,

and now you're going to leave this to chance.

The flip of a coin.

Fuck you.

Fuck everything about you.

I still love you,

and I always will,

but fuck you.

I guess what everone said about you was right,

You are an asshole,

and you don't care about me.

I'm nothing but a toy,

once you get bored,

you move on to the next one.

It hurts,

but atleast I know the truth.

I love you, darling,

and if i take my own life,

do not be afraid,

The pain you might feel will be temporary,

but I know it'll help with the future.

Rest easy, my love,

let's see what tomorrow brings.

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