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i'm actually very apprehensive about uploading this. it's one of the most violent poems i have in my journal. I usually keep things like this to myself, but lately I thought I'd share some of it with you. I hope you guys enjoy this. If you like it, I'll post more. please be warned that this is a poem, not anything actually planned. I hope you, my loyal readers, will understand

Submitted: March 30, 2012

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Submitted: March 30, 2012



You think you're so high and mighty,

You push me around like you own me,

well in truth, you don't.


You never did.


I don't give a fuck what you want,

I've spent years doing everything for you,

now it's my turn.


So go ahead and yell at me again,

Touch me one more time,

Laugh at my threats on your life.


I was created so you could stay married to the man that would abandon me,

and now you take your failure out on me.


Yeah, I've known the truth for a long time,

and i'm tired of being lied to.


I hope you think it's funny when i tie you to a pole,

tape your mouth shut,

and bash your brain in with a metal bat.


I hope you laugh as i set you on fire,

watching your skin melt,

as your lungs fill with smoke.


I bet you'll enjoy it when i giggle,

watching you cry out for help,

your bound wrists bleeding the boiling hot life's essance onto the charing ropes.


You see, I'm past self harm,

You always liked that too much,

you've always loved seeing me in agony.


So, now i'm going to put on a smile,

walk with my head held high,

and show my scars to the world.


Tonight i raise my glass.


I am not ashed of who i am,

everyone will get it when they see your melted corpse,

then they'll realize that i am not a force to play with.


You may not believe me right now,

I seem so small and sweet,

just a teenager swimming in emotions,

but, you couldn't be more wrong.


you sit on your fat ass without a care in the god damned world,

as i plot your bloody demise,

and make it seem like i'm perfectly fine.


You tell me so many lies i never know what to believe anymore.


I hate you.

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