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oh you know... me being a bit selfish

Submitted: December 24, 2011

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Submitted: December 24, 2011



I'm not a leash,
nor a collar,
i won't tell you what you can do,
and what you cannot.

I won't be a chastiity belt,
and keep you in a bubble.

I won't tell you what i see,
or what i feel,
I won't give into jealousy.

So maybe I don't like her,
but I can look the other way when she's around,
if it means you smile.

Yeah I'm not perfect,
so it's only natural,
for you to search for what i lack.

may that be beauty,
whatever it is,
she apparently gives it to you.

I can handle with that.

as long as i know you're still mine,
and as long as you smile,
I can suck up my pride,
I'll let you be you.

just let me close my eyes,
move to the back of my mind,
where my worries are washed out to sea,
until i've got you alone.

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