Light With A Sharpened Edge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is just a little short story type thing I wrote up because of my poetic series of my rule as The Zombie Queen. the song lyrics for Wake The Dead at the beginning are (c) The Used. I do not claim property for the LYRICS. the rest of the writing is mine. please enjoy this little back story.


Yeah this is not natural

A bunch of holes where the dead used to be underground

Forget supernatural 'cause all those resting in peace are out walking the streets

Yeah with no heartbeat


Across the sky they can hear you on the other side

A scream that's loud enough to wake the dead (wake the dead)

All alone you bought tickets for the nightmare as you wake the dead,

Wake the dead!


Oh this is not possible

An empty hole in your chest where your heart used to beat

Does this mean what I think it means?

Just how could both you and me be about as dead as we could be

Yeah with no heartbeat!


Across the sky they can hear you on the other side

A scream that's loud enough to wake the dead (wake the dead)

All alone you bought tickets for the nightmare as you wake the dead,

wake the dead!


Take a walk with me, Walk with the dead

'Cause you knew that we had to die sometime (yeah)

Well darling, Tonight could be (Well darling tonight could be)


Let your voice shred miles of diamond skies

Just to walk as they wake in the darkness (yeah)

Well darling tonight could be a beautiful night to die

A beautiful night to die (yeah)


Wake the dead! Fuck it your dead

Wake the dead! F-f-f-fuck it your out

Wake the dead! Wake the dead!


Across the sky they can ha-ha-hear you

A scream that's loud enough to wake the dead (Wake the dead)

And all alone you bought tickets for the nightmare as you wake the dead

Wake the dead!


I am royalty. I am the queen that will rule forever. My subjects are loyal, the rebellious tyrants don’t dare defy me, and I am all. Judgment day has come and passed, and I am the last ruler there will be. My heart does not beat, yet my blood flows and my mind works. I am not dead, nor alive. I am reanimated from the lowly girl I was in my first life, into the queen that sits before you today.

My name is Amber, and I am the Zombie Queen. My subjects and I are long dead carcasses that now walk as though we were alive. There are no “humans” in this world. Those who were too good for Satan, but not good enough for God were left here. No one was brave enough to assume power, so I saw the chance and took it.

I rule with my lover- Adonis- the King. He’s been with me for many many years. We lived together in the first life, and refused to allow himself to be raptured to stay with me here in the purgatory of earth. He is also the leading general of my army. Though rarely needed there are rouges and rebels that need a lesson in alliance at times. Adonis leads these operations with ninja-like precision every time. I am proud to have him by my side.

A long with the lord and myself there are three others that run the palace. Aeolos, my long time friend and most trusted advisor. Though not often seen as much more than a living journal, Aeolos is the one that helps me make the most important decisions concerning my subjects. His word reigns heavy with each matter we discuss. There is also my sister, Brooklyn. In our first life she was perceived as a saint.  The perfect daughter, while I myself was the outcast. She is now a commander in my husband’s army, and uses each skill she acquired in her First Life to harbor each battle accordingly.

Lastly, there is Zafina. A trusted friend of mine that I can always count on. Brooklyn often calls her the Royal Fool, but she is so much more than that. While she has no say in political or military rule Zafina has an entirely different line of work. She gives orders to the chefs, the maids, and the butlers not on what they should be doing, but on their own lives. She is the Royal Caregiver. The one we all turn to when we need a break.

In this new world, there is no death. The only way to “kill” my kind is to destroy our brain. Therefor conception is limited and any other children and slaughtered on the spot. While this seems brutal, there is a fine line between brutality, and control. I myself have one son. His name is Aiden-Wyatt and at the time he is three years old. He is the reason for my existence, and a constant reminder of my first life.

My son looks almost exactly like my long passed brother, Anno. His androgynous blonde hair a crisp blue eyes directly mirror my brother’s. In his first life, my dear twin was far from an evil man, but the things he was forced to do sent him to Hell. If I could have, I would have pleaded with the devil to let him stay with me, but it’s never wise to make a deal with Satan.

My brother- my twin-, most of my family including my parents, everyone is gone. Either taken away with Jesus or Burning forever with the serpent. While I am the queen, my life is far from perfect. Yes, I love my husband and my child. My family is my life and I would gladly fight for them every day, but I do dearly miss my twin…

Submitted: July 09, 2012

© Copyright 2021 WarmSummerRain. All rights reserved.

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This is fantastic! It's so well thought out, and we get such good in-depth characterization in such a short prompt. I like how the Zombie Queen, though doomed to Earth eternally, has a conscience and is not any old cliche zombie bitch queen. This is outstanding.

Tue, July 10th, 2012 1:33am


Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed this little piece. A queen should treat her subjects like her children, not her pets. :)

Mon, July 9th, 2012 7:37pm

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