Melting Flutterby

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third poem in this series

Submitted: July 11, 2012

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Submitted: July 11, 2012




Look at all of these miserable fools,
praying to a god that's turned his back on them,
They still don't understand that Heaven's gates are shut,
they are stuck with me forever more.
Get off the ground, pitiful servants,
Today you will start life anew,
you're fully welcome to challenge me,
but I will not hesitate to dispose of you.
My reign as queen begins today,
and you will bow to me,
defy my word, even for a second,
and you'll be lucky if i don't kill you where you stand.
Some now cry out "THIS CAN'T BE REAL",
my patients will not last,
I've taken my place at last,
there's nothing left,
tomorrow, i will not be gone.
Your screams accomplish nothing,
simply polluting a diamond sky,
Your loyalty is expected,
or your second life will be ended.
You've been given a chance to redeem each sin you committed in your first life,
make yourself loyal to me.
For years I was the outcast,
the runt of the litter,
well, now, I've never felt so good,
or done so right.
I have control over you,
I am royalty,
I am all,
I'll fuck you just for the taste,
a feeling you'll never be able to replace.
I expect respect,
require loyalty,
and if all else fails,
turn to love.
I am harsh,
but far from evil,
Give me the protection i deserve,
and i will return the favor.

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