Nothing Short of Everything

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Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012




Some call it the things of nightmares,
horror stories,
  campfire tales.
Others call it evil,
But for me it is nothing more than life,
the cycle of rise and fall,
light and dark,
and alive.
I don't scare easily,
not by nature,
nor man,
nor beast.
It is very rare for me to smile,
to enjoy the company of others,
not even my own prince.
a queen i might be,
but royalty i am not.
i am alone,
decaying every second i live,
my throne is cold without the embrace of my love.
I suppose this was inescapable,
I will never be good enough to walk among the Righteous,
to stare in the face of god.
so i sit here in my palace of bones and dust,
lavish it might be,
alone and rotting,
waiting for this existence to come to an end.

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