This World Turns to Coal

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Submitted: May 05, 2012

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Submitted: May 05, 2012



A cloud of white rushes from my mouth,

I've fallen ounce again,

could you forgive me?


I guess it's time to make up,

time to wake up,

get the hell out of here,

you with me?


I give applause to things I can't see,

I don't know what's real,

could you help me?


I wanna hug you tight,

and tell you that I'm fine,

and always plan to be,


but I can't seem to let go of these memories,

yet when I see your smile,

I fall weak as can be...


 I can't see any more than what's right infront of me,

I understand nothing,

while taking everything in at point value.


so, I guess it's time to get up,

time to fess up,

time to let go of all those sad thoughts that are maddening.


just look outside at those blue skies,

please don't let them fade away,

you can use me as you want,

pull my strings just for a thrill,

but at the end of it all,

hold me close, cause darling, no,

I'm not okay.

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