A Girl's Goal...

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you want to know a girls perfect goal? check this out!

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012




She lowers her head, not in shame but islam preach "lower your gaze"..


She want to see the one she love .. But she changed her mind coz islam preach "before nikkah you both are alowed to see önly one time so that love and affection will be build".


She'd love to hang out with friends or go for a tour.,but she wouldnt ,coz islam preach " dont stay a night without a maharram( the one who you cant marry i.e dad.bro,mum's bro, dad's bro..like such)..


She'd love to wear fitty fitty dress only to show the elegance to her husband but not to the outer world, coz islam preach " muslimah! Cover ur self except ur face,hands and feet,drag your viels upon your chest".


She never feel contented while doing the thing she shudnt do coz she knew well what islam accepts..


She wants to perform hajj not to get the title 'haji' but to die in there so that she die like a new born baby.


She wants to hear what her husband says not afraid of leaving from him,bt coz even she left this world before him,she shud get Jennah, coz islam says " one whose husband is realy contented with you before your death,that wife will enter jennah."


She wants to give birth to many girl babies coz islam preach" girl baby is a good news( bushra<3 arabic word), also when you grow 3 girls in a very islamic way, you will get Jennah"..


Jennah.. Jennah.. Thats the goal.. She knew it very well but shaitaan interfere sometimes.. Ya Allah! Guide me..nd my everloving sisters.



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A Girl's Goal...

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