How you affect me.

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you promised me that we could go on.
Now I am here.. and you are gone.

Submitted: December 23, 2009

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Submitted: December 23, 2009



I give you my heart, you tear it in two.

I still sit here and wait, waiting for you.

I tell myself, "You have to move on."

But everything reminds me of you, a picture, a word, even a song.

I wanted to stop, empty conversations every day.

We decided to keep going, you said it'd be okay.

If everything is fine, then please tell me why..

Why am I so sad? Why do I cry?

We talked and we talked, but we never met..

I wanted to so bad, but now I regret.

I regret telling you, exactly what I felt.

Now I am forced to play the cards I was dealt.

The fateful hand the dealer gave me,

Was one of unhappiness, but you'll never see.

Go ahead and keep living your happy life,

Pretend you don't care, stab me with that invisible knife.

The knife you never really knew that you had,

But now it's inside me, and it hurts so bad.

Step on my heart, you've already torn it in two.

You don't see how you affect me, you don't care what you do.

You called me beautiful, told me I was a special girl..

Ha, ya right. Now you make me want to hurl.

All these mixed emotions and you don't even know,

If we never see each other, there is no way to show.

I am angry, I'm sad. I want to throw things and cry,

But then I think that you aren't worth it and keep wondering why.

I remember how close we got, you meant so much to me,

But you wanted to stop talking, said it would set me free.

We talked about our ages, how we could get by

Now you go on living and I want to die.

The way you can just forget, everything we ever had before..

Makes me wonder if you meant it, or just wanted to score?

Every day goes by and I sit here and wait,

But you seemed to have disappeared.. Now I'm just filled with hate.

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