My Dear imaginary friend

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for as long as I knew, people thought I was the clown of the class, thinking back , I really was , but sometimes jokes can go too far and unexpected things happen..
And that's exactly what happened to the 13years old Ashley.

Submitted: September 17, 2010

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Submitted: September 17, 2010



I smirked at Rebecca , thinking very hard how to annoy her, these days , that was the only thing I could think of, lately it has been my specialty oh well that’s what boredom does to you at times , I knew she would crack up about ‘Bob’ come one though, I mean every teenager needs an imaginary friend, it’s not exactly ‘Essential ‘ but hey ! It’s not my fault I got a creative mind now is it…? “Rebecca ! Bobs not going to make it early in school tomorrow” I said , with a straight face trying to keep myself from cracking up . “SHUT UP!, JUST SHUT UP ABOUT BOB WILL YOU?” she shrieked , jumped from his chair , ready to spring on my neck. Oh I was scared, NOT. Fool, she didn’t do nothing , in fact she just sat down again gossiping with her faithful sidekick Ella , Kidding!. But I wish she jumped though, then school would’ve been slightly more interesting. “Aaah Honey , you know ..” Said Ella Who suddenly turned around to face me , with a sudden interest “ I would love meet Bob “ she said stretching the word ’Love’ then she bit her bottom lip , looking dreamily at me, I laughed silently , she probably would’ve been head over heels on him anyway, if he existed that is….

“Oh Bob , she wants to meet you , hear that?” I clapped my hand sarcastically and turned towards the empty seat besides me acting thrilled. This time , Ella and Rebecca both stopped talking and glared at me, if looks could kill I thought…..

“I thought Bob went to the ’Dentist’ “ quoting the dentist in the air with her hands and Ella looked up too. “Yes , were is he eh? Where’s the bobedy Bob of yours? She sneered, looking at me with disgust as though it was a crime that people like me existed, Ghee it was just a joke. “I..I..I .. “ Am such a drama queen, but before I could add that too , they threw me out of my chair and dragged me to the stairs. “ Hey , Heey , HEEY girls ! Your not telling me that….“ I laughed nervously pointing at the long stairs and looking back at them, but oh no, they were not joking , their eyes clearly said it all. “Oh yes darling, we mean it! Its about time you took reality serious and quit pretending.” said Rebecca. Her and Ella looked at me once more , and BANG, they threw me , rolling and billing, I hit the cold stone, seriously I think I broke a rib or something. “Ouch” I said through my teary eyes. “Look who we got here, need any help?” Out of the blue, came a guy with brown curly ( adorable) hair , with icy blue piercing eyes, and handsome pale face who held his hands towards me. “I..I..I” totally taken by surprise , I felt like I swallowed my tongue , for real, I couldn’t utter a word oh I was in love, bimbos would call this “ Love at first sight‘ . I took his hand and let him help me get up, oh I gazed dreamy at his hands , I was holding them oh my god his hands. But he quickly snatched it

“Nice to meet you too” he joked and winked “Was that Rebecca and Ella there over there who threw you off the stairs? My named Bob by the way” Bob asked with a satisfied smile on his face. “yes” I sighed .“hang on a minute” He said his name was Bob, My imaginary friend was bob , he just coincidently asked me if it was Rebecca and Ella that threw me off could it be…and then it hit me.a\\ Like he read my thoughts , he answered “Yes, I Am Bob, Your imaginary friend, and like you said , I actually did go to the dentist” his face turned into an ugly skull with an ugly sneer “from now on Ashley,” oh I knew what was coming next , he looked at me with the such a cold look, that for a second I thought that the phrase ‘If looks could kill I’d be long gone , dead and buried’ Would actually become true. “ From now on, you’re ‘MY’ Imaginary friend” his cold words hit the stone walls, seconds later I realized I didn’t know were I was.

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