The Free Knights

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The raging war for FREEDOM!!

Submitted: December 14, 2007

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Submitted: December 14, 2007



The Free Knights

Arnold walked up to the marketplace; the king had made a new proclamation. By the time Arnold was walking into the marketplace the speaker had just started talking.

“Here thee. Here thee. King Elderis the 1st proclaims that there shall be new tax on grains. That includes exporting and importing.

“What is the tax, going to be used for?” Arnold shouted out as the crowd started complaining.

“The tax is going to be for the preparation for the war against king Alderik. “the speaker replied

As the crowd started talking with one another, Arnold headed home; his wife and children were still home.

“King Elderis pronounced a new tax today, for the war against king Alderik “Arnold said as he entered the house.

“Oh really, well this hasn’t been the first time” replied his wife.

“Well, I’m going to get some bread, might as well get it before it runs.” said Arnold.

When Arnold was walking on the street to the baker, which was the busiest street, was even busier today. Then he saw everyone was going to the end of street. There was a big crowd at the end of the street. Arnold decided to go check it out. By the time, Arnold got there, a man was talking at the front of the crowd.

“Do you really think that we should pay the taxes, just so the king can fight another war with king Alderik?” the man called out.

“No’s” were being heard from all over the crowd.

“What can we do?” a chubby old man said while coughing.

“Well, we uh could start a revolution, like they did down south.” Arnold suggested.

“What?!? Are you crazy, we’ll lose, we’ll all just get killed!!” a fisherman screamed out.

“Not necessarily, consider the large amount of population, we outnumber the king. We might even win” Mr. Neember (Arnold’s neighbour) said smiling at Arnold.

“Who will be our leader?” someone called out

“Then, of course, since Arnold gave us the idea, I think he should be our leader.” continued Mr. Neember.

“All in favour say Aye!” screamed the blacksmith.

“Aye!” the crowd replied.

“We will call ourselves the Free Knights!” said Arnold.

“Then let’s all go to the me armoury” said the blacksmith.

The crowd went to the armoury. The blacksmith was giving away all of the weapons he had.

“Anything to help for the revolution , except for fighting in it, of course. Me life’s too precious” he said to Arnold.

“Feel free to take anything and everything” he called out to the crowd.

The crowd took every single weapon that the blacksmith was giving away all of the weapons he had.

After everyone had their weapons, Arnold called out “Go find everyone here, who doesn’t want to pay the tax; tell them about the revolution. Since there are no weapons left at the armoury, they’ll have to use their own weapons, or you can lend them your pitch forks and hunting spears.

The next day, the whole population of the town was here except for a few people. By now Arnold had devised a plan of a surprise attack on king Elderis.

In the next week, the people trained, while the blacksmith kept making for weapon and armour for them.

After that, the day had finally come. It was the day of the revolution. The revolution started by first attacking the guards around the city. As the Free Knights started attacking guards all over the large city, they were gaining the confidence they needed. Once all the guards around the city were dead, it was time to attack the castle.

“Wait!” someone called out

“What, what is it?” someone called out trembling.

“I have a stable on my farm. We can use some of the strong horses there.” said the man who had first said “Wait!”

“Me too, I have some on my farm” a farmer called out.

Several other farmers also called out that they had horses too.

Now that several of the Free Knights had horses there were the first attacking wave. They charged in first, attacking the guards on surprise.

The foot soldiers, plus Arnold who had a horse, but had to charge in last (since he was leader) were the second attacking wave. When Arnold charged in last and he saw his own soldiers dying in front of him. He felt this of guilt, like it was his fault they were dying.

Later when Arnold came face to face with an enemy soldier, he pushed his sword through his chest, the sword gleamed with blood. He felt a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

During the battle, Arnold and the Free Knights were losing, so then Arnold decided to change the plan. He decided to sneak through the castle’s secret passageway, which wasn’t a secret to their town. He went right into the king’s main hall, and put his sword right on the king’s throat.

“Tell your army to stop attacking the Free Knights, and I won’t kill you.”

A speaker looked at the king with a curious look. The king nodded, and the speaker cried out through a hole for a window.

“King Elderis the 1st demands that the Royal Army stop attacking the Free Knights immediately for the king’s safety.

The battle stopped with the Royal Army looking up with puzzled looks. With the sword at his back, Arnold forced him to tell them that he was giving the kingdom away to the Free Knights.

Instead of killing the king, Arnold decided to banish him from the land, and for Arnold and the Free Knights, well Arnold became king and the Free Knights were like his partners. They also made an alliance with Alderik. They were King Arnold and the Free Knights, who ruled for many, many years and lived happily ever after.

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