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When a new communist group takes power in Russia the United States must do what it can to survive.

Table of Contents

The Warning

In the oval office the president of the United States looked over his daily briefing of what the world had done overnight. It was startli... Read Chapter

The Invasion Begins

As they rode toward the capital building the car was silent. No one could believe what had transpired in just the last two hours. Captain... Read Chapter

The Rescue

Mike and his team got back into the vehicles and raced back toward Washington. As they approached the city they saw the flames of the cap... Read Chapter

All Hope Will Be Lost

After the secretary of defense had been flown to Chicago where the president was running operations, Mike and his team was forced to retu... Read Chapter


It was three in the morning when Mike Walker woke his team. They were ready within ten minutes of being awakened and were on the road out... Read Chapter

Failure is not an Option

The ranger had been right they first were taken to the city of Philadelphia. What they saw shocked them as the city was controlled by the... Read Chapter

The Turning Point

As Mike and the team moved down the hall of the submarine the entire team was on high alert for anything that moved. Mike took point and ... Read Chapter

Our Only Chance

The submarine sailed out of the harbor and into open water. After about an hour they came upon the main Russian fleet. Mike was shocked a... Read Chapter

Mike's Past Revealed

Mike sighed and looked at John. He knew that he was right and decided that he would tell him and Chris. Mike knew perfectly well that t... Read Chapter

The Assault Begins

Over the next two days the Russian forces massed outside of the city. Mike and Pete watched from the Sear’s Tower. Pete was worried t... Read Chapter

A Traitor in the Mists

  At about two in the morning Mike heard what sounded to be a helicopter, but he thought nothing of it. About ten minutes late... Read Chapter

Friends Forever

When the chopper landed on the outskirts of the city Mike and John ditched what would not be necessary for them to carry or anything th... Read Chapter

Unsuspected Help

Mike and John emerged from the sewer around 11pm that night and began to advance down a side street. Each of them carried a M4-A1 Assault... Read Chapter

Fight and Flight

John went to take Pete the other way, but Victor stepped aside. “John go out the front,” Victor said, “no one will stop you, my... Read Chapter

Retake What is Ours

A week went by as the attack was planned on the city of Pittsburgh. Mike, John, and Pat would infiltrate Heinz Field and attempt to captu... Read Chapter

This is War

By the time Mike, John, and Pat had made it back down to the street the U.S. forces had reached the stadium, but there was still half o... Read Chapter

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