My Life and my Death

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
The life story of a creature living in a dystopian world.

Submitted: April 02, 2012

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Submitted: April 02, 2012



My Life and My Death

Written by William Sinclair

Salutations, my name is Robert C Cooper, I am dead, and given my current state of being dead, I think it is fitting that I give a short account of my life up to this moment. You are probably wondering why I have not chosen to try and write a long account of something as important as my life, but the truth is I spent most of it sleeping, begging for food, and lazily lying around, which in all honesty is not very interesting reading material. Thus, I have resorted to simply writing of the more interesting parts of my life, which can be of course, summed up just a few pages. Many of the events written about here are exaggerated, or contrived, which is due to me trying to make my life sound more interesting than it actually is, honestly though, it s my life, I should be able to dictate how events in it went myself. Any complaints you may have about how genuine this account is are meaningless anyway, because as I said earlier in this paragraph, I am dead. Well, enjoy then, it ll only take you a few minutes to read, 7 at the very most.


The first two weeks of my life are quite a hazy blur, all I remember is the darkness of it all, the strange sounds I heard, the things I felt, the things I wondered about. I heard many people speak, many strange wails, and purrs. I felt the head of my mother on mine, as she rubbed it against me, as well as an odd sensation of being lifted up and spun around. I wondered if I would see nothing but this darkness for the rest of my life, if I would ever make sense of it all.

The first thing I remember properly seeing is the face of my mother staring down at me, with a warm, affectionate smile. I looked around, amazed by this newfound ability! I saw five large, odd looking creatures staring at me, the shortest of which began pointing, and running towards me. Quite terrified by all of this, I scrambled back to my mother, however, she was unable to keep the strange creature from grabbing hold of me, and running around in a circle (guess that was the spinning sensation). I wailed in protest, until the tallest of the creatures stopped him with a strict grunt, and forced him to put me down.

Within the next few days, with the help of my mother, I had managed to get a complete understanding of the way things worked around the area. We were in a large tower block, known to us as the Gate . The large odd looking creatures were our servants, they would feed me, clean me, in general, care for me, and in return we would not be allowed to leave the premises. We could leave the tower, but could only go for a short distance before they came looking for us. My mother said this was for our own safety, and so at the time I saw no problem with this. I asked what exact dangers there were outside the tower, but my mother simply told me that she did not know, only that we had best be weary of going too far, and that she would come with me the first few times I left the tower.

Two weeks later, it was time for my first night out, my mother, good on her word, came with me. We walked down the stairs of the gate, one of the creatures following behind us. I asked mother what it was doing there, she explained that it was simply coming tonight to keep a watch on me, to make sure that I would not try and escape from them. We got to the front door, and the creature opened it for us, as he followed us outside. As I got out, I stared in astonishment at the whole new world presented to me, a whole new stretch of ground to walk on, and fresh air! For the first time in my life, I was able to breathe it in! I purred with joy at this brilliant feeling of a new world to have at my feet. I honestly cannot say it was a particularly enjoyable walk out, however, in fact I could honestly say it was a disaster. My mother, as well as that frankly annoying creature, followed me everywhere I went, and would not allow me to even think of doing anything interesting!

Eventually, I got bored, and ran ahead of them, they tried desperately to catch up with me but I ran like the wind, not even listening to their pleads for me to stop. Within about four minutes of running, I managed to find out just why I was under such a tight leash. I Panicked as I saw an imposingly large creature with dark fur, and sharp teeth crawling ferociously towards me, it s jaws wide open, preparing to attack. I immediately changed direction, ran back towards the tower block fast as I could, but it was obvious that my speed was no match for the creature s, it would soon catch me and tear me to pieces! Just as the creature was catching up to me, a large beam of light was shone into it s face, immediately making it turn away from me and run off into another direction. My mother came running to me, kissing me everywhere, while the strange looking creature who had just saved me, switched off the device which had produced the beam of light, before dragging me back into the tower. It would be a while before I went out again.

One night, my mother told me that I had brothers, four brothers to be exact, and a father with the most brilliant black hair you ve ever seen. I asked her where they were, what had happened to them, it took her a moment to answer, before telling me that they had been taken away shortly before I could see. Just taken away, never to be seen again! She told me how my brothers were just shoved into a big metal cage before her very eyes, and just carried off by someone she didn t recognise! Terrified, I asked her where they had been taken, but she didn t know. She only knew that something sinister was at work. I asked her if I should be taken away, she let a tear out as she put her hand over mine and said that she hoped not. She simply told me to remember her, to never forget that I have a mother. I wondered what she meant by this, after all, how could I forget I had a mother?! I did not ask, I simply rubbed my head against hers and told her I would not.

Two months later, at 12.00Am I was sitting with my mother as usual for that time, when suddenly I was picked up by one of the creatures! My mother immediately pounced up, hissing at the creature to let go, and scratching at him, she was soon given a hard kick in the stomach as I was carried off howling and in tears. I found myself being put into a large metal cage, just like my mother told me my brothers had. I asked my mother what was going on, but she didn t need say a word, everything was drowned with the tears filling her eyes, and I knew what was happening. My mother cried in terror as I was taken. She wailed to me, and to the creatures, hoping to convince them to stop. I wailed, as the cage was lifted, and I was slowly carried away. I scrambled all around, pressing my hands against the bars hoping to somehow break free from the cage, but to no avail. The creature carrying me opened the door, and walked out, closing the door on my mother as she cried. I never saw her again.

Once taken out of the Gate, I found myself being put into the back of a strange metal contraption, with odd round things at the bottom of it. I asked what the purpose of this device was, but the creature neglected to answer, instead walking to the front of the device, and pulling a few levers, causing the whole thing to start vibrating. It rattled, and bashed, and crashed until I somehow found myself being taken out of the contraption, and into a completely new area! Ahead of me, I could see a construction, painted white, and looking largely. It was a large construction, not nearly so much as the Gate, but nonetheless, quite large indeed. The strange creature carried me to the door, and with a knock given, I found myself face to face with a new strange creature, which immediately began to kiss me over and over. I can honestly say I was not very amused by this! Is this where my brothers had been taken? To this area, owned by this mad& .. thing?! The two creatures exchanged high grunts, and growls which I could not understand, before the creature who had carried me in walked out of the area. The new creature, who had a noticeably different tone of voice to the ones I had previously been with, stared down at me, and with what seemed to be the most patronising tone he could manage, whispered

" Hello little guy, are you feeling alwight ?"

The thing was obviously mad, I promptly ran away from it, into another room. He followed me however, and soon had me to a corner.

"It s ok, little guy he whispered I wont hurt you"

I honestly did not believe him.

" Now then... " he chuckled annoyingly, I think we need a name for you "

I did not know what a name was at the time so this greatly confused me.

"I know!" he chuckled "why don t I name you after my brother, Bob? Now isn t that a good idea? You re full name will be Robert C Cooper! "

"And" , I thought, "you re new name will be severely annoying idiot!"

That night I dreamed of my mother, and yelled over and over that I would never forget her. In the weeks that went by, however, I did come to forget her. Looking back now that I can remember everything clearly due to my life flashing before my eyes, I feel so sorry for not remembering her, for breaking my promise to her. The truth is though, that she most likely forgot me eventually too. Those filthy creatures separated us, made us forget about each other, I wish I could see her again, I wish that in this blank void I now find myself in she would come towards me, and rub her head against mine like she always used to.

Later that week, I was in the feeding room, going to my eating area expecting to see food in my bowl, much to my despair however, there was nothing there! I yelled out in anger and annoyance, but no one came to me! I waited for hours and hours for some one to come and feed me, but no one came! I do not know how much time passed, but it felt like days, weeks! I felt myself begin to grow weak and thin, as I waited for some one to give me food, I wailed in hunger, but still no one came! Eventually I could bare it no longer, I ran all around the house looking for someone who could give me food. I would have to rely on severely annoying idiot. I ran into one of the many rooms, and found him just sleeping on a sofa! The selfish swine! Here I was starving to death, and he was simply lying there, not doing anything about it! I shouted at him, until he woke up, at which point he just told me to (putting it in polite terms) go away. Not taking this for an answer, I wailed, and wailed at him, until he was forced out of annoyance to get up and help me. He took a packet of food out of the storage, and put it into my bowl. So relieved by this was I, that I took no more notice of the creature, and just sunk my head into the food.

"Enjoy it, ya little ass" he muttered as he stumbled to bed.

Within the next year, I had given myself a daily routine: I would get up around 5 am ish, and lounge around, then at 7 am; I would get my breakfast from severely annoying idiot, shortly after I would have my first nap of the day. I would wake up at 1.00pm, and wait for severely annoying idiot to come back home, which he usually did at 5.00pm, at which point I would get some more food, and milk. At 7.00pm, I would sleep some more, until 10.00pm, when I would usually go for my nightly walk outside.

I met a whole culture of fellow citizens living around the area during these nightly walks. It honestly was brilliant to meet some people from my own race, after spending my whole life with the severely annoying idiot (I couldn t remember the first year of my life by this point, so assumed my whole life was spent with him). The three I remember most are Mimi, a female with black hair, and blue eyes, Claydow, a male with green eyes, and white hair, and Stuart, a large ugly looking male, with scars littered all over his face, and with one of his bright yellow eyes gouged out.

I now recall encountering Stuart, on my first night out, I was walking along a fence, when all of a sudden, i was pushed, and immediately fell from the fence to the ground. Stuart pounced on me, pinning me down, before hissing in sadistic pleasure.

I recall him saying:

' What are you doing in my territory, little kitten!?'

I explained that I had no idea it was his territory, but he merely laughed and warned me that if he caught me around there again, he would slit my throat. Just as it looked as though he would leave, he suddenly scratched me across the face, purring as he ran off, (I'm sure if it were possible for him, he would have been grinning by that point). He wailed as he ran, telling me to remember his name: Stuart! Terrified, I ran back to my area, and stayed there for the rest of the night. I swore to myself that I would get payback eventually.

I first met Mimi on a rooftop one night, as she wildly lunged at large feathered creatures, weapons in hand, growling with fury as she did. I asked her what she was doing, she grunted in annoyance at my sudden arrival, which had allowed the feathered creature to just fly away, before replying in a fittingly annoyed expression that she was hunting for food. I asked her why she wasn t being fed by a creature, and she explained to me how she had run away from one of them, and now had to hunt in order to survive. She asked if I had ever spent a night on the rooftops before, I answered with a simple no, and asked why you'd want to do that..

It' s the most exhilarating experience you will ever have I m sure I remember her saying To be jumping from roof to roof, the wind blowing in your face! There is a chance you could fall of course, and, obviously kill yourself, but that s part of what makes it so exhilarating, the fact that there is a chance it could kill you! Every time you jump, you insult death with you re survival!

I honestly could not understand why exactly this was a good thing to do, and had by this point come to the conclusion that I was without a doubt, talking to a madwoman (and a pretentious madwoman at that (plus, i'm sure she had plagiarised that line from something or other and it wasn't a very good line to begin with anyway))! But I felt so lonely that night, I had been walking aimlessly around every night until now. I asked her if I could jump the rooftops with her tonight, she nodded her head, but told me she would not wait if I fell behind. It was honestly the best night of my life; we jumped across the rooftops together until 4 in the morning! The moonlight reflecting off our fur as we pounced. I felt a strange feeling in my stomach, as if i was becoming attracted to her, i did not understand these emotions, you see, this was my first time having them.

Later that morning, Mimi took me to meet her best friend, Claydow, she gave me a quick warning that he was a little odd. When we got to his area, we found him sitting on a hammock in his back garden. He greeted Mimi, and told us of a fight he had had yesterday while hunting. He described how he was suddenly attacked by a strong, dark figure. the figure warned him not to go hunting around the area again, or he would suffer. Seeing a similarity between what had happened to me, and the story he decried, I asked who the figure was, he turned to me, and in the most dramatic voice he could muster, he said:

'A fiend they know as Stuart'.

I twitched as i heard that name once more

'I know of him' I said under my breath.

Mimi suddenly got angry

"Well we won t take this will we?! She shouted. 'Stuart has gone too far this time! It s one thing to steal our food, but attacking us is going too far! "

'what can we do?' inquired Claydow, still lazily sitting on his hammock.

'We'll go and teach Stuart a lesson not to mess with us!' proclaimed Mimi.

'And i suppose you think we can do that without getting murdered?' Claydow laughed, 'that cat there's been in a damn load of fights, have you seen his scars? That missing eye?'

'surely those injuries imply he's lost those fights?' i suggested.

' who is this guy anyway?' asked Claydow.

'.. this is Robert' she said 'i met him on the rooftops last night.'

'you should be staying away from them rooftops' said Claydow 'very dangerous, you outta get yourself a tower to live in'

'look, can we get back to the fracking point?!' exclaimed Mimi, 'we need to stand up to Stuart, otherwise he'll be pushing us around for the rest of our lives!'

'he's a lot older than us' said Claydow, ' i doubt he'll live long enough to be botherin' us our whole lives.'

'look, I'm gonna go to Stuarts Tower, you coming, Claydow?'

'I guess so, i don't wanna see you get hurt, but if it comes to a fight, don't you expect me to be hangin' around.'

'I won't, don't you worry' said Mimi with a slight tone of irritation 'c'mon then! Claydow, Robert, lets go!'

'what makes you think I'm coming?' i asked

'oh come now, sweetie' she laughed 'I've noticed that look you give me, you wouldn't be going anywhere without me!'

Unable to argue with her, i simply resorted to walking along with them, we were largely silent, as we walked to Stuarts domain, Claydow gave a small chuckle, but that was about it for our talking.

We did not manage to make it to Stuarts Tower, we made it to his area, sure, but not to where he lived, for as soon as we set foot in his area, we were almost immediately attacked! Stuart, it seems had been expecting us. Stuart pounced out of nowhere, catching the three of us off guard, he clawed at Mimis face, causing four scratch marks to appear, i pounced at him, scratching him on the nose, causing him to wail in pain! He soon recovered, however, and jumped onto me before biting my back, and digging his sharp, knife like nails into my stomach. Claydow bit at Stuarts leg, but he was soon kicked in the face, and thrown back against a wall. Stuart proceeded to kick me in the face, laughing as I collapsed onto the ground.

'you little pieces of garbage were very, very silly in coming here!' laughed Stuart, 'i think i'm going to this!'

Just then, one of those strange creatures came running out of a tower, she was, it seemed, the owner of Stuart.

I blacked out at that point, so apologies for not being able to tell you exactly what happened next.


I woke up hours later in a small cage, in a large white room full of small cages. I tried to get up, but was immediately met with a horrible pain in my stomach. I looked down, to see three large holes in my stomach! They had been stitched back together, obviously. yes . obviously. However, I was slightly concerned about seeing three holes in my stomach, so I resorted to wailing in terror. This wailing was soon answered by one of those obnoxious strange creatures. Assuming she was going to help me, i began to relax. Then, quite unexpectedly& . she took out a damn needle, and shoved it into my neck!!!!!!!!

Forgive me for the swearing, bold lettering, and over use of exclamation marks at the end of that last paragraph, i was simply trying to convey the sense of shock I felt, at the brutality inflicted upon me.

I soon blacked out, once again, and awoke to find a large white cone put over my head. I struggled to get it off, but it refused to loosen, clearly another cruel contraption of the creatures! I wailed and wailed, until severely annoying idiot came in.

"ROB! ROB!!" he shouted as he ran towards me and bent down to stroke me.

After all of the violence, and blacking out, I really do have to admit, this affectionate behaviour towards me was most welcome from severely annoying idiot.

Within one week, I was back to health, that awful cone thing, which had drawn much mockery from Mimi, and Claydow once they had seen it, was taken off of my head within a day, and I was free to roam around once more. It was revealed to me by Mimi and Claydow, that in a rather dull, and predictable deus ex machina, Stuart had been taken away by the creatures who owned him, moments before he could slit my throat. I asked where he was taken, but this question was met with silence for a about a minute, before Claydow simply said:

'I don't think we'll be seeing him again '

And we didn't.

Over the next two weeks, i experienced pains in my chest, and at one point, found myself lying on the floor in agony. Severely annoying idiot simply looked on in what seemed to be depression. He knew what was wrong with me. He knew that the wounds that I had gained from the fight were slowly killing me, and that he did not have the money to give me the treatment I would need if i were to have any hope of surviving. Apologies for ruining the tension, I realise that you, as the reader may have wanted to feel you're heart pounding, as you wondered what could have been wrong with me. However, I despise "big shocking revelations", and given that there is already one at the end of this, I do not want to over do things. So yes, you now know that I had a fatal wounded. I did not know this though, so I simply assumed that it was me still feeling the pain from my fight with Stuart.

Over the next two months, i felt my health rapidly deteriorating. I felt as though i was in constant agony. I could not eat or drink without hurting myself even more, It even got to the point, where i could not even go outside. I informed Mimi, and Claydow of what had been happening to me, they merely looked at one another, in a worried glance. This was far from reassuring.

I knew something horrible must have been happening to me, but i assumed that I would be helped by severely annoying idiot. I assumed that he would give me something to make the pain go away, after all, he had always served me well in the past. However, he did not do anything to help. He simply gazed on at me.

One morning, i was picked up and put into my cage, just as when I was first being brought to severely annoying idiot, i was then put into a strange metal contraption. As it rattled and banged, I felt a strong sense of dread coming on to me. I kept asking severely annoying idiot what was going on, where he was taking me. But, as I can now understand, he could not understand what I was saying.

Once the contraption settled, i found myself being taken out, and into a large, sandstone tower.

'So is this is him?'

asked a creature in a long white coat, who approached us once we came in.

'Yes.. it is.'

Said Severely annoying idiot in a slight whisper.

I asked once more what was happening, but heard no answer. Soon, i found myself being taken into a large white room, I was removed from the cage, and placed onto a metal table. The room was full of the creatures, all in white coats, all staring down at me. I was absolutely terrified. I had no idea what was about to happen. Severely annoying idiot was no where to be seen in the room. I cried out in terror, and hissed at the creatures, scratching at them with my claws as i did so. However, i was soon restrained by one of the creatures. Another of the creatures revealed another needle! He slowly came towards me. You can probably imagine what happened next, what the needle did to me.

Please don't feel sad,I had a good long life, five years, I think, and I was happy for most of it, yes, extremely happy. I may have spent a lot of it worrying about what those creatures may do to me, and that horrible cat Stuart, but I think it was evened out most effectively by all the fun stuff I did, all the snarky comments I made, all the conversations I had with Mimi, all the beauty I saw, all the food I ate. I think I had a pretty good life. Well, good next to some others, I hear of some cats who never even had a home.

I wish I could talk to Mimi again, to be honest though, i never even had a chance to say goodbye to her. Of course, she's probably forgotten me by this point. Shame, I really think I loved her. And I wish I had been given the choice of whether or not to die myself, rather than someone else making the decision for me. I realise they were putting me out of considerable pain, however, it's just a choice I think I may have liked to have made. Still, my idiot of an owner was a good man, stupid as he was, always fed me, always comforted me when I was sad. I'm sure I'm his intentions were noble. I'm sure he wanted to just end my misery because he could bare seeing hurt like that no longer. He was a good man, the best man, and I get the impression he loved me.

Well, that's it for me. I hope something happens soon, actually... I've been alone in this black space for days now.


It was 3 AM at the vets office, dr.Smith was sitting at his desk, staring into the distance. Dr. Janeway opened the door, and walked in.

"What do you want?" asked Dr. Smith in a slightly angry tone

" it's just that you've been acting strangely since the the operation"

"Putting that poor cat out of his misery has greatly upset me" he mournfully whispered. "I really am not cut out for this line of work."

"the poor little guy" Janeway replied, "what was it his owner called him?"

"I think it was Robert, Robert C Cooper."

The End

© Copyright 2020 WAS. All rights reserved.

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