To A Pious Friend

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Its funny to remember...why did I write this.....

Do you think
Freezing cold of North Pole,
Can freez, for you,
My emotions. Or
Melting heat of South Pole
Can vapour away,
My emotions. Or
The beauty and riches
Of East and West
Can fluctuate,
My emotions. Or
Dazzling stars and moon
Can diminish the glitter of,
My emotions. Or
Flora and fauna
Can smash out,
My emotions. Or
The blessings the rain
Can rinse out,
My emotions. Or
The complaints you made
And in love only
Can rub on,
My emotions. Or....
No, never,
It did never,
It'll never and please,
It should never.
My love is not made
Up of hay,
That'll be burnt,
You think one day.
Mind it dear friend,
My emollient love will
Keep our pious relation,
Alive always! As it is
Immortal anyways! So please,
Never be glum,
On my loon lunge.
I know, I am
Goon, guff, a gruff.
Yet if ever, I
Meted you out the pain,
Forgive me, please again.
Never last rights,
You have on me.
Never be miffed,
In use of thee.
Yes, think only
With you me,
By you, always
In all, ever, and Forever!

Submitted: July 30, 2010

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