When I'm wasted! (Song!By:Ashllee Asher)

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I'm only happy with you,

Submitted: April 18, 2012

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Submitted: April 18, 2012



I'm only happy with you,

And when I'm wasted,

It feels like I'm falling in love,

Or falling through the bathroom floor,

Everytime I'm sad,

Your not there,

And I'm not wasted,

Drowning my pain with this bottel,

Make everything ok,

With another toke,

Kiss me and hold me tight,

I'm only happy when,

I'm wasted,

Your wasteing your time on me,

Let's face it,

I like to be drowned,

By this bottel,

It gives me some false hope,

For tomaro,

I like to smoke,

And make everything ok,

Yet I'm falling in love with you,

Or am I fallen through,

The bathroom floor,

I'm only happy,

When I'm wasted!

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