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a shortstory i wrote for school
i think its pretty good..

Submitted: January 19, 2008

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Submitted: January 19, 2008



I stood up. It was 11:30 PM at night and I knew it was time. I felt a little guilty, but I wasn’t blaming anyone, not even myself. But I had too do it. I grabbed my backpack that I had packed the night before and left a quick note to everyone I knew:

 Im sorry I left. I had to. I don’t know if I will ever be back...I will probably. I’m almost sure of it. I just need time alone right now to think. And don’t worry! I’ll be fine. Sometimes goodbyes the only way. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone but like I said, don’t worry! Its not anyone’s fault that I left, so please don’t blame anyone for my sudden absence. I love you all and always will.~Haley Adams.

 I quietly left my room looking back only once. I placed my note on the wooden kitchen table. I looked around the house and didn’t see much since it was dark and I was just looking from my spot in the kitchen. I chocked back a sob and lung my baby blue backpack over my shoulder. Unfortunately it was raining but that didn’t stop my journey. I put on some simple light pink flats that had blue curly cues on and quietly stepped out onto the small wooden front porch shutting the door behind me. The rain was coming down as if someone was holding a hose up in the sky and had it on shower and on full blast.

I stepped off the porch into the pouring rain. My copper hair absorbed the rain and started dripping almost instantly. I started off at a medium walking pace and gradually got faster. Before I knew it I was running too who knows where. Just somewhere, anywhere except here. I then realized I was happy it was raining. This is because no one would know I was crying unless they had superpowers.

So many things have happened this year. This was the only way I could kind of get away from reality, at least for a little while. I had made a new friend named Kelsey. But that had cost a sad price. What was that? Oh nothing, just my best friend Bree. Now Bree hates me for an unknown reason. Basically Bree wanted me to choose between her or Kelsey. And unknowingly I had choose Kelsey. Not only that but I feel like my grades have been dropping and lots more. Is the ninth grade always like this? I mean I’m only 15!

My bright green eyes now stung with silent tears as kept running. I slowed down and looked up. I was now in the country somewhere. I live near the edge of town so me ending up here is pretty explainable. Suddenly I got scared. It was hard to see but I could tell there was a forest on the right of me. One that looked about as creepy as the one in "The Blair Witch Project." One the left of me was a small farm. But what had really scared me was that I had heard footsteps coming from the woods next too me. I did believe in ghosts, but now wasn’t exactly the right time to see one.

I wanted to scream as I heard them come closer but I couldn’t I was too scared. I had stopped crying by now and was staring at the woods just waiting for a ghostly white figure to suddenly appear, but nothing did. I glanced at the deserted road behind me. The footsteps came louder and closer.

I faced the way the sound was coming from. Suddenly I realized what it was, it wasn’t a ghost. A ghost I doubt would run. But instead, a full grown buck!! As it came into view I felt myself go pale. It was obviously going to run me over. I screamed it was now only about 2 feet away. I squeezed my eyes shut and then it hit me. I felt myself fall to the ground and hit the grass and concrete. I saw the buck trip then it kept running. The last thing I heard was the clip-clop of the buck, and the last thing I saw was the gaping grey rain and sky before everything went black as if I had entered the twilight zone.

I don’t know how long I had been laying there but once I woke up I knew I was alive. I was laying in a hospital bed with all my friends and family surrounded around me. A majority of them were crying, probably thinking I was dead since they obviously hadn’t realized I had just woke up. Then they noticed once others started smiling and showing the ones who were crying I was alive.

I looked at them as I said the only thing I could think of once I saw my note clutched in my best friend Kelsey’s hand. I softly cleared my voice to make sure I could talk. I then looked at them, gave them a faint smile and said as they all looked at me:

"I’m Sorry."


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