Life is a Glitch

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Submitted: April 03, 2016

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Submitted: April 03, 2016



James: Man, this sucks everything sucks, why does life suck

Will: Hey, look on the bright side, atleast you dont have to worry about spending your money to impress some girl who didnt give two shits about you

James: yea, i guess your right, but i thought i had something with this one

Will: and the last one and the last one, and wernt you once engaged to a girl?

James: can we not bring her up, that was back in high school, I was stupid and thought i would be with her forever

Will: yea, we were all pretty fucking dumb in school

James: you were the smart one of us, I ended up being the school man whore by my senior year

Will: only cause every time you turn a corner you found another girl to date

James: it wasn't like that and you know it

Will: you dated my ex dude, talk about getting the left overs

James: Hey, i got farther with her then you ever did

Will: yea yea, I'm going back inside, come on and hurry up with your smoke break, we have a game to finish

James: Yea, yea im coming *drops his ciggrate and steps on it and follows will inside the game store"

**will and james walk into a game/comic book store where players hang out to play all sorts of game, mainly table top, will and james are playing a star wars minature game, with their other friend john next to them watching, waitting for his math

Will: you've been thinking about alot of the girls from the past latly, something up?

James: yea, this one girl man, she was perfect, we had everything going for us, almost perfect for each other. The nice nerdy geeky type, laid back and chilled she was heaven for me

Will: yea and what happen?

James: I tried to make a move on her while she was dating someone, ruined the friendship and such

Will: you were the one to act on instic wern't you

James: yea and now i heard she moved in with another boyfriend somewhere,
and it pissed me off, cause without a word she cut me out of her life

will: dude thats rough.

James: yea tell me about it *moves one of his ships from the game* ima attack your ship

Will: Okay, 

*both roll a set of 8 sided dice* 

James: ha, got rid of that annoying ship

Will: lucky roll

James: luck had nothing to do with how that turned out

John: he did get you pretty good will

Will: shut up john, you got your ass kicked last round

**the two keep playing for about an hour of so, its gotten late outside

store clerk: hey guys, the store is about to close, will if you have your keys you guys can stay an extra hour

will: will do sir, have a goodnight

store clerk: night guys
*store clerk walks out the store*

james: its getting late i should probly get home, *james packs up all of his stuff*

will: yea, my parents are annoying me about how late i've been staying out well i guess i can just crash as john's place, that alright john

john: yea, just dont make a huge mess like you did last time, 

will: yea yea, i wont, well see ya later James

James: see ya guys later

*the three leave, james hopes into his car and drives home, to a two bedroom apartment, with a small living and kitchen, a small bathroom, the other bedroom is turned into a game room, with all kinds of games and such around with a tv and computer hooked up*

James: ah well that was a good few matchs, Maybe i should play some of my videogames *james sits down in a nice comfy gaming chair and grabs his gaming controller and starts to playing a crime simulation game* 

**after a few hours of playing james decided to head off to bed


Chapter 2

*James phone blairs a loud rock like song for his alarm at 5:45, he gets up spends 10 minutes in the shower and shaving, goes and eats breakfeast and gets ready for work*

*James hopes into his car and starts it* well atleast today is a short day
*drives down the road to a general store where he works at and walks in*

James: HI milly, 

Milly: Hey James, I just need you to restoke the freezer section in the back of the store

James: okay, that should be easy enough *james heads twoards the back of the store where one of his co-works is already working*

James: Hey amanda, How's it going

Amanda: Hey james, doing pretty good, just grab thouse boxes over there and start

James: okay *james heads over to the boxes and opens them up and starts putting all the food into the freezers*

Amnada: so how was your night?

James: it was alright, i managed to beat my friend in our game for the first time in weeks

Amanda: thats great, what kinda of game is it?

James: Its a minature stratgy game, based off of a sci-fi movie

Amanda: that sounds pretty cool acutally

James: where you expeting something really lame?

Amanda: yea alittle bit, 

James: so how was your night then?

Amanda: oh i just slept all night

James: such a boring thing to do

Amanda: well atleast i can function at work longer

James: yea yea, i know i need more sleep so i can do better at my job

**as James and amanda put the last of the food into the freezer Milly comes over

Milly: good work you two, now i need james to go up front on regiestor for alittle, while i work on some paper work shouldnt take long then you can go home

James: okay *heads up to the front of the store and sits behind the conter*

*a young woman walks into the store, carrying herselif in a somewhat prideful way but trying not to gain any anttion to herself, wearing a geeky shirt to a refrence to a sci-fi movie*

James; Hellow

young woman: Hellow, can you tell witch way the snacks are?

James; two asiles to your right and stright down, drink are one aile to left from the snacks.

young woman: thank you, *follows the direction james gaver her*

Milly:Hey, James can you come and help me over here?

James: yea sure, i'll be right there

*James walks towards the back of the store as the young geeky woman comes up to another cashier and checks out and leave*

*a few hours later, James is clocking out of work and leaving for home, getting into his car and driving down the road for only about a minute, since he leaved close by and it was too cold to walk, James walks up to his apartmnet and notices a girl sitting infront of his door slowly james walks up*

James: H..Hellow?

Kat: *looks up with a bit of a shock on her face*

James: *with a confused look* can i help you?

Kat: uhh... yea i was looking for someone

James: okay, so why are you sitting infront of my apartment?

Kat: Cause i was looking for you?

James: *with a suprised look on his face* me? why would you be looking for me?

Kat: dont remember me do you?

James: uhhhh... should i?

Kat: *sigh* Im Kat

James: *realized who the girl infront of him is with a mix of emotions both happy and furious* kat?! what are you doing here?

Kat: it....its.. a long story..

james: *moving to unlock the door and open it letting kat and himself in" well i've got plenty of time

Kat: *sigh* okay. 

*both walk in and james puts his thigns on the kitchen counter while kat sits on the couch nervously*

James: *walking back with two cans of moutian dew and throwing one to lana for her to catch* 

Kat: thanks, 

James; welcome, now tell me why in the hell you are sitting infront of my apartment?

Kat: well do you remember ....

James: that you cut me out of your life completly cause of your jealous boyfriend? yea how could i forget that?

Kat: .......

James: what is it?

Kat: Im sorry.

James: your going to have to do alot more then just say sorry

Kat; ... i know....

James; so why are you here, i thought you were suppose to being living with Mr.jealous?

Kat;.... about that.. it didnt work out..

James: so why not go back home?

Kat; My parents didnt like the idea of me moving in with my boyfriend,....wait how do you know i was living with him?

James: did you forget that i can get info on ppl easily? 

Kat;....oh ya...

James: so you can't go back to your parents cause they didnt approve of it and now your on your own right?

kat; *nods* 

James: why in the hell did you come to me then? you cut me out of your life, and exept me to just pertend that never happen? you threw away 7 years of friendship for a boy you've been dating for only a year.

Kat: .... i know im asking your the only person i can trust

James: well i can't trust you, but you can crash here for now, you got the couch, i'll get you same spare blankets and pillow

Kat: ...thank you...

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