The Narrow Lane

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The Narrow Lane
Is about a man whos writing about his lost love looking to find her again. as you follow him
though the story you find about more about why he lives alone and wants to fight for his love
one last time...
The story will follow him writing the story and going back and forth from the book and explain
all the emotions that he is going through trying to put it all down on paper.....
as you go back to the night of they first meet untill present time, you find out about what he went throught to get to be with the woman he needed to be with. explaining in details about the strong emotions and the sad and good times.
(the second book will be explaining from a womans side of the story and the emotions she went through).

Submitted: May 21, 2012

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Submitted: May 21, 2012



The first night.......
Living alone in my place was horrible, always wanting someone there with me. but knowing how bad relationships have been in the past, i decided that i shouldnt be looking for anyone... during this time i found out i was a little late for work. I decided to wear something nice to work because there was this birthday i was invited to and not sure if anything was going to happen or they might change there mind and go somewhere else.. leaving for work, it was such a nice day outside so i didnt really have to wear a jumper.
while at work i got a text on my break saying weather i was still coming out tonight. i did reply saying yes and that i would text her when i have finished work and let me know where she will be at that time.
For some strange reason we go out eairlyer that i thought, so i texted her staright away saying where she is and if they are still out, not knowing who was going to be there and how many people where out that night.

i arrived at the club and went straight for the bar because i just finished work and really needed one, not knowing where they were. from out of no where i heard someone shouted my name and noticed straigh away that i was my manager who's birthday it was. we hugged and she told me that she was sat in the courner with her friends, which i started getting nerves because there were only two women sat at the table and i felt like i was the gay one out of the group. once i sat down hollie whos birthday it was intruduced me to her two friends, the first one had bright blond hair, seemed very happy but was a little board. but the second friend was the most beautiful woman i had ever seen... she had a wonderful smile and beautiful eyes which sucked me in... i couldnt describe how i felt then after meeting her. hollie and her other friend said why dont you get to know each other and walked off to the bathroom. we started talking a little bit, but the music was so loud i didnt really know what she was saying, but what ever she was saying i really did want to listen. i couldnt really keep my eyes off of her at the time.
after the other two came back they all wanted to leave and go somewhere else, which was a really good plan because it was pretty dead and the music was really loud and very shit. after leaving i just couldnt stop talking the this beautiful woman standing in front of me... as the night progressed i seemed to feel so confitable around her... i felt like a puppy dog, i just couldnt leave her side...

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