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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
It's about a woman detective who is running from her past but in particularly a person who is after her to settle a score that started when she was 15. To restart a game where she won by claiming her life, yet lost as he wont let go of what he covets.

Submitted: June 26, 2013

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Submitted: June 26, 2013



Seven (Prologue)

As she walks, she can feel him watching her. She wants to run, but there’s no point. He will always find her. He always has. She walks along with her co-workers to the scene of a vicious attack. Her badge that lies along her waist band of her pants tugs at her pocket. The morning dew of the green grass brushes onto the rim of her black slacks. With Laura by her side, they walk into the log cabin in the middle of the lush forest.

“Who called this in again?” Derrick asks as he bends down to look at a spot on the light brown almost orange wooden floor boards.

“It was anonymous. But whoever it was, wanted to make sure that we were the ones to investigate it. They asked for boss directly.” Colton sounds distracted.

He walks over to the desk in the corner, on top of it is a silver 15 inch Mac. Its screen is up, but black. She wonders why, but deep down she starts to worry. This setting is too familiar. It reminds her of before. Fear starts a flame within her mind. Stop! Don’t think about it. They don’t know this about her past. As she walks over to the bed, the door opens. Her boss walks in. He is dressed in all black, with a simple Styrofoam cup of black coffee in it. His name is Grayson Mackellar. Behind him is Declan, here to take the body back to autopsy.  Boss doesn’t even know; if he did then she knows that he would probably take her badge. She wouldn’t be classified as ‘Sane’ enough to be a cop, even thought deep down that is all that she aspired to be. It’s the force that drives her.

She walks closer to the queen sized bed and starts to photograph the scene. Deep down, the picture tugs at her heart. This is a sign. He is calling her out. Why else would he call to make sure that her team would investigate this crime? Her hands start to shake as she remembers something that she has been repressing for the last seven years. Those are her clothes.

The girl hand cuffed to the bed can’t be anything older than 14 or 15 years old. She has long brown hair that hangs and covers parts of her face. And she is wearing her old clothes. The clothes that he took. He stole them from her and now the deceased girl on the hard wood bed is dressed in her soft pink hoodie and light wash boot cut jeans. He is calling her out! She looks just like what she used to. From the hair down to the light grey converse on the girls feet. She freezes with panic.

“Her name is Aurora Jensip. According to her school ID she is 14.” Derrick states to boss.

She knew it. That’s the same age that she was. Her attention goes to Colton who was messing with the computer. As soon as he turned it on, something happened. They heard a deep, intimidating, and cocky voice that starts to speak.

“So you found it. Well it’s about time… I was beginning to think that you forgot about me…”

She starts to panic. How could she ever forget about him?

“Now that you have found my little present, I think that you should know my plan.”

Heads start to look around to find the one speaking, but it’s only from the computer. She knows that he is here, watching all of them and that her paranoia earlier was well placed. She tries to breath, but she feels as though she is being suffocated. She begs internally for this all to be a joke as she glances down at her dark suit. Her brown hair clashes with the black of the outfit.

“Don’t look down at me. You know princess why I am here!” His tone is sharp as if he is lecturing her.

Her head jolts up as her eyes set on the computer. No one around her notices this change. They are still looking for the source of the person talking.

“You left me. Abandoned my game. You thought that you won, but you can’t win. No one ever wins. This game has only one ending. One at which you found a way to avoid. And because of that I am here for round two. Only difference is that I’m not here for the same goal. This time, I only want to expose the truth that you have been so good at hiding. No one knows about me, but that’s about to change. I plan on telling the whole world about us. How long can you dodge this princess? You can avoid bullets, but not your past? I am here to make sure of that. So I suggest that you start to remember the rules, because I am not going over them again.”

No not again she thinks. How can she play his game again? She barely got over it last time.

“So game on princess, only this time I won’t loss!”

The speaking ceases as heads turn to the girl lying on the bed.

“Who was that?” Laura asks as she takes a step closer to the girl.

“That was someone who has something to finish.” Boss states, his voice remains strong.

“Yea, but what?” Declan asks as he start to examine the girl.

“And with whom?” Colton adds.

She clears her throat as her phone starts to vibrate in her pocket. She doesn’t bother to get it. Her muscles feel paralyzed from the voice on the other side of the computer. She can’t handle this again? If only her husband was here. He could help her more than she knows, while risking his life at the same time. He was safe where he was. Only problem was that he was risking his life while also being overseas.

“Looks like she died this morning around 7… Poor girl. She was killed suddenly with a shot to the heart. Whoever did this wants to send us a message.” Declan states.

She already knew that. The message was that he was pissed at her for moving on. For getting married and actually gaining control of her life. Control that he tried so desperately to take from her. Only he couldn’t. She wouldn’t give up, but could she remain as strong this time?



“Hey, Sapphire. Are you alright? You look a little pale.” Laura asks as she takes the camera out of my hands.

No, I’m not alright. He has finally surfaced to come back for me. Why me? Out off all the ones that he could have chosen, why did he pick me? Deep down I already know the answer. He wanted to tame me; he wanted me to become his. To surrender all control, but I wouldn’t. And because of that I survived. I put up a fight, which is what he wanted. It kept him entertained. If I would have caved in, then he would have killed me for surrendering my power. Which is how his game has no ending. Either you put up a fight and remain trapped with him or you give up and then you lose everything else. But I found a way to escape. I was the only one to escape, making me the winner of this game. Even though ever since he has been fallowing me.

“Sapphire?” She repeats, but with more concern.

It takes me out of my trance. I turn and look at her. Her tan skin that coverers her small frame. She is wearing a brown suit that is similar to my black, only she has a skirt on. Her blonde hair is pulled back into a tight bun. Her hazel eyes stare into mine.

“Um… Yea. What?”

I glance around the wooden cabin. The Walls suddenly seem too familiar. What the hell? I know these walls. How could he? Why would he?

“Are you alright?”

I clear my throat as I try to divert my attention to anything else.

“Yea. I’m just a little cold.” I speak softly as if intimidated.

He is so twisted. I can’t believe that he lead us here. I shake my head as I go back to work. Derrick is helping Declan with the body. A looks of uncertainty brushes across his face as he touches the deceased to remove the hand cuffs. This is the part of his job that he doesn’t’ like, but then again no one that I know actually likes being around the deceased. Every time I see them my heart brakes even more. Both for them and their family, because I know that I could have been them.

I walk over to boss who is looking through the drawers of the desk. Inside one of them there is some duck tape, rope, pliers, and some cable ties. None of which seemed to have been used. They all look brand new. Meaning this girl didn’t reach the fifth day. She’s luck. Or at least…

“These all look brand new. There unopened.” I state to boss.

 “Yea. Meaning that something didn’t go as planned. He had to abandon his plans.”

He couldn’t be further from the truth. This was his plan. Once they give him control, he uses it to take their life. I found that out the hard way, but part of me wishes that I didn’t fight. Part of me just wishes that he could have ended me, that way I wouldn’t have to deal with this hell that he has created for me, but then again I would never have met Dean. And I wouldn’t risk that. I love him too much for that. I just wish that he was here. But he is safer in the Middle East, rather than by my side where he could get to him.

“Wait…Grayson you might want to come over here.” Declan states.

He is the only one who calls boss by his real name. Not really sure why, I think it’s because of their history with the department. Boss walks over to him. Declan lifts something off of the girl’s neck. It looks like a necklace. My eyes advert back to the desk as they continue. I open another drawer. Inside it is a notepad and pen. There’s a note on it. The drawer opens wider. I pull the pad out, but no one seems to notice.

“Are those dog tags?” Colton asks as he walks closer to boss.

I freeze as my free hand jerks up to my neck. No! He wouldn’t… Yes he would… I look quickly at the note. All I can focus on right now is the heading.

Dear Princess,

On no. I quickly and silently tear out the note and fold it. I place the yellow, lined piece of paper into my jacket pocket. Hopefully no one say that, but I don’t think that they did. They all seem preoccupied.

“Sergeant Louis Demp…”

Oh my god! He did. My breathing ceases. I need air. How can I handle this? He did call me out. I can’t believe that he left those. Tears start to pool in my eyes as I remember him. He died just last year, from lung cancer. The doctors said that it was rare, but it still killed him. I miss him so much. He was my father and I loved him. I was so angry when he stole his tags. That gave me nothing to remember him by and now his tags are hanging around the neck of another girl who he took advantage of. Rage starts to run within my blood. As I blink, tears start to caress down my cheek. As an impulse I discreetly walk out of the cabin.

Once out, I take a large gasp for air. My hands go up to wipe my tears away. I can’t believe that he did this. He is still doing this and he won’t stop tell I give up. This game is just to exhausting though. Dean is the only one around me that knows about him, and he is still not even near me. Everyone else live in the shadows of the secret. How long will it stay like that? That’s his point though. He wants the secret out. And he will do anything to get it out.

I start to walk into the forest, it light with small trees. It’s the end of the forest, so you can see the highway that passes. Yet once on the street, the cabin seems completely invisible. The silence of the forest leaves me time to think. All around me is oblivious to the real world. It’s like we are all alone, then all of a sudden I hear a twig brake behind me. I turn but no one’s there. What?  I swallow hard.

 No! It’s him. He is here, but where? I don’t see any figures around me. I hear another twig brake. My attention turns south as I start a fast pace walk towards the sound. I will find him. I can’t take this anymore. But what will I do once I find him. Can I still fight him like I always did? I am so tired now though? Is it still worth fighting for? My pace slows. Do I want to find him? I always did, but know that he has called me out I’m not so sure. It seems safer to fight him on my terms, not his. That way I have the upper hand.

Something stops me in my tracks. I’m suddenly surrounded by darkness. How far into the forest did I go? I am no longer on the end. Shit. If he is here then he has me. I am alone and lost, surrounded by total darkness. Fear rises within me. He is here, he’s always here.

“I know you’re out there… “I yell. “So if you want me, then come and get me. Because I am not playing this game with you. Not again!” I speak with determination.

My phone vibrates in my pants pocket. I reach and grab it. I have a call. The ID is blocked. No, no, no. I am not answering it. I ignore the call. He’s already spoken to me once. If he wants to talk, then he can come down to me. Only this time, he won’t be the one armed. My other hand reached down and brazes the gun as my hip. My phone vibrates again. It shakes my hand. He just won’t give this up. Damn it! Fine! I answer the call even though everything is telling me not to.

“Hello?” I ask with irritation.

“So you’re done with me are you?” He asks with an undertone of excitement in his voice.

Does he want me to give up?

“I can’t give up if I never started.”

“Oh. Princess, but that’s where you are wrong. You have already started this game. It has been going on for the past seven years. And you can’t back down now. It has just gotten good.”

“Go to hell!” I hell into the phone, but deeply my anger is replaced with fear and sorrow.

I don’t want to do this again.

“Not until I win… and I can’t do that until you give me what I want.”

“If I do that, then I will be the one going to hell.”

I breathe with caution. You never know how much you need to appreciate life until you lose it.

“You know my game so well… it almost makes me regret choosing you, but then again you do make a worthy opponent. So strong and determined. But I have often wondered if that’s because of the support that you are provided with. Maybe if you loss all of that, then you will come willingly. After all, that’s all that I want… I get so excited when I plan your end. I’ve had a lot of time to think it over. Seven years to be exact. But believe me; no amount of thinking will get me ready enough for your final loss. And believe me, you will lose. I will not stop until you do.”

I don’t want to listen to this anymore. What can I do to make him stop? I want to hang up, but is it worth it?

“Don’t be so sure. You thought the same thing last time, and we both know how that ended. Just face the facts that I am smarter that you. You will always lose.”

My words are full or courage, but my body shakes with fear.

“So much bravery in a body that is run by distress. But since you have agreed to play, lets up the stakes a little. Let’s see how long you can keep your secret. Oh, and by the way, how is that husband of yours? Is he safe and out of harm’s way? No longer around all those bullets and guns, which can fire at any time.”

My body freezes once more. Dean. My mind flashes back to before he left. The incident at work. They were doing a routine practice and one of the guns was filled with real bullets. It only grazed his shoulder, but the memory still shatters me because I know that he caused it. I don’t know how but he did it, but he did. Will he hurt him again? How could he? Dean is overseas.

“See. Princess. How can you win when you are so easily frightened? You have become weak. When we first met, you had such a fire lit within you and now… it’s nothing more than a simple little flicker of amber that is slowly going out… And I will make sure to enjoy your final demise.”

A faint click comes from the other side of the phone. He has hung up. I let out a heavy sigh. Tears rise in my eyes, but I reframe from letting them spill. I need to do this. Just breathe and try to relax. Yea- right. I haven’t relaxes since I was 14. Since before everything happened.

I take another glance around at the geography around my. I almost forgot that I am in the forest. Why am I here? Oh-yea. The team. Have they noticed that I have left? I start to walk, I’m not sure where, but I just keep walking. Hopefully I will find the highway.

As I approach some light through the trees, I see the highway. Along with the autopsy van. Declan is placing the black body bag into the back. He is with Derrick, who doesn’t look very happy. What’s wrong with him? Is it because he is helping Declan because his assistant called in sick? Derrick usually makes fun of Declan’s assistant. It’s funny that know he gets to be the assistant for a day. Laura and Colton turn to me as I walk out of the forest.

“What happened to you?” Colton asks.

© Copyright 2020 Waverly Blue. All rights reserved.

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