"The 12:35am Blues"

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The poem holds a certain mystique about it that I enjoy. Reading it over a few times I realize it has a complexity that makes the reader think. I wrote it around the time suggested in the title and was feeling depressed after a long day. However, I believe the finished poem turned out alright.

Submitted: May 30, 2011

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Submitted: May 30, 2011



“The 12:35am Blues”


The rain falls as the lit end of a cigar still burns

The magic carp lighter lay motionless at my side

With each passing day my heart constantly learns

What happens when two soul mates never collide?


Two days pass since I heard from you last

I’m not proud of the monster I once was

I can’t right the wrongs of the past

Alcohol is an illusion covered by the buzz


Cut my soul to let the passion bleed

Pieces of my broken heart float out to sea

Most are afraid so I take up the lead

Can anyone out there hear my heart’s plea?


Hate is a disease worse than cancer

When’s this world going to stop and let me off?

I look around and find love is the answer

I try to shake off mistakes like a harsh winter cough


Violence still floods the world around us

Often the negatives swallow the good

Evidence can be seen like litter on a city bus

Thoughts swim around inside of my hood


Classes should teach us wrong from right

Like rain in a hurricane will the fighting ever stop?

Still women and children hide from the night

Corruption is all around us in the form of a dirty cop


The pen is not strong enough alone

Love is the only emotion man should use

All some people need is the safety of a home

12:35am is the time the world sings the blues…

© Copyright 2018 Garrett Pollock. All rights reserved.

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