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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

A young princess gets captured by a cult and is held for ransom. she escapes and is forced to travel with a brave knight so she can be returned to her kingdom.

SteamPunk Chapter 1

A Kingdom was once in the middle of industrialization, the manufacturing of steam powered beings. These beings that acted as humans but only worked, they did not talk, they did not sleep, and all they ever did was work. Humans began to judge the production of these beings for they had nothing to do themselves seem how all the work was taken into these artificial beings and soon claimed war against the machines and threatened the King. In a panic the King built an army of these metal beings to protect him… the army was destroyed and the kingdom went into war; humans now fought either for the King or against and as for the Knights of skinned armor, their short existence went extinct and the war continues on…


The King’s daughter, Princess Adularia was kidnapped and taken for surrender and ransom. The princess now lies on an altar waiting for her father’s assassins to rescue her from the foul cultist of the southern lands of the kingdom. “You’ll never get away with this… my father will send a whole army after me and you all will pay” A young lady screamed as she was struggling to break away from the ropes that tie her to a cold, hard bed of stone. “But my dear princess your father wouldn’t do such a foolish thing that would leave his castle unprotected. The most he could do now is send a little rescue crew and not even that will be able to save you, not with how powerful we are” A man in a black cloak and hood said as he raised his hands in the air; many others in the same clothing stood behind him and copied his action by raising their hands in the air as well. They all began chanting slow repetitive mumble as they circled around the altar.


The Princess watched in fright as they walked around her and continued murmuring the chant and walking around her. Her eyes were blue as sapphires; they gave a shine in the morning sun. Her lips were red like a child who drank juice and forgot to wipe their mouth with a cloth, her skin was cream white like milk fresh from the utters of a cow, her hair was light brown almost blonde resembling wheat in a field only smooth and silky like thin strings of silk coming from her scalp; she was a very pretty girl and gave a innocents to her look that could make most anyone feel sorry. “Stop your incoherent cycling it is giving me a head ache” the princess whined. But the cultist kept chanting and circling around. The Princess began to squirm around from under the ropes hoping to break free from her uncomfortable prison. The ropes slowly began to loosen from her calves and she kept lifting her legs hoping to break free on the lower half. She began kicking with each of her feet and the ropes began to stretch upwards with each kick. The rope finally snapped from above her calves leaving red marks on her bare legs; next was the upper half and without hesitation she began to pump her wrists up and down loosening the ropes from her waist. Within seconds that rope snapped free from the middle half and she raised her hands and took the ropes from her neck off and then lifted herself off from the table.


Luckily the cultists had their eyes closed and were too busy chanting to hear snapping of ropes or trotting of footsteps, she managed to squeeze by two of the hooded villains and run down the stairs. Her sleeveless, knee high, pale white nightgown fluttered in the wind as she ran away from the altar and into the woods. The woods were dark, shading the sun with heavy coats of leafy branches; the tree trunks were wide nearly five feet in diameter and the bark was dark and strong. Adularia kept a fast pace for a bit until she was out of reach from the madmen. She used her hand too lean against a tree and the other hand lifted her leg in the air bending her knee as she turned her head over her shoulder looking at the bottom of her foot. “Oh I’m a mess” Adularia whined as she saw her foot was covered in dirt from the soft forest floor. Adularia sighed and continued to walk in hopes of coming across a bathing house… in the middle of abandoned woods.


Minutes went by as Adularia walked through the forest she looked around at the trees worriedly, they were scattered around randomly and all looked the same size. “I’m walking in circles, how do I get out of here” she cried before sitting on a stump nearby. Adularia folded her arms over her knees and rested her head on top as she stared at the ground. Suddenly a call was heard from the other side of the forest Adularia raised her head alarmed by the sudden call of a familiar voice “Hey Princess come back here we won’t lie you down on the altar this time” Adularia stood up from the log and began to walk away from the man’s calls. She ran past the trees going deeper into the forest “How did they follow me, I thought I was far away enough, when did they start following me” Adularia thought all at once as she continued running through the forest.


“There she is” a voice yelled. Adularia turned around for a moment to see a man in a cloak pointing at her and the others running up from behind him. She kept on running hoping that she would not get caught again. Adularia passed trees and tried running diagonally hoping to throw them off track but they seemed to poke out from the trees keeping a speedy pace behind her. Adularia suddenly tripped over a branch that hit against her ankle she knocked her head against the ground and began winded, her vision got blurry for a moment and she was helpless as she tried to crawl away from the cultist in a daze. Only echoing sounds of their voices ringed in Adularia’s ears as she continued to crawl off. A hand grasped Adularia’s ankle, she struggled to kick the man away but was having no luck as his grasp was firm. The voices suddenly turned into yelling followed by ear ringing screams that sent shivers up Adularia’s spine. The man was lifted into the air along with Adularia; she heard frantic screams before begin dropped to the ground, bumping her head and was out cold.


Adularia opened her eyes and raised her body up; she looked around the trees to see bodies of the cultist sliced in half or stabbed into the low tree branches. Though it was dark in the forest it wasn’t hard to see what was done to the bodies. Adularia stood up from the ground she began to back up till she bumped into something soft yet firm. Adularia turned around to see the main cultist standing tall behind her. Adularia backed up in fear as the cultist walked towards her; she breathed heavily and was about to cry as the cultist raised a sword into the air and was ready to swing it down and cut her in half. Adularia couldn’t do anything, she was frozen in fear, her body would not move no matter how hard she tried. The cultist swung the sword downwards, the sword disappeared from his hands; the cultist looked around confused before gasping, blood gushed from both his chest and his mouth, he spat blood in the air which landed on Adularia’s face, she screamed in horror and looked down to see the sword stabbed through his ribs and blood pouring out his chest. The cultist gave a quick gasp as the sword was pulled out and flew into the distance.


The body dropped to the ground revealing a giant in the shadows, it was hard to make out the shape but it didn’t look friendly, after all it just took out a group of sociopaths. Adularia tried to escape but fear was grasping her legs holding her feet to the ground, as much as she would love she could not. Her words were closed from her mouth she could only open and close her jaw with no sound all she could do was cry and wait for her upcoming death. Just then a ray of sun shined through a hole in the woods lighting up the area the giant remained in the shadowed area Adularia wondered what her killer would look like, but feared for its horrid appearance. The giant took a step into the beam of light; its foot gave a vibrant quake to the ground below, it took another step forward. The giant began to reveal its body, Adularia’s eyes widened in amazement as she saw the bronze body lightly gleam in the rays with a hint of rust in some areas. The giant was a knight, standing eight feet tall and holding a sword with a blade standing four and a half feet tall and a handle at one and a half feet. The sword was quite plain but the hilt gave the resemblance to waves of an ocean in the pattern of wings, at the bottom of the handle was in the shape of a bird’s talons with four sharp claws. The giant’s helm was fronted with vents, and the top was bolted down the middle to the neck. Rivets covered the edges and middle of the cuirass. The shoulder pads were wide giving the giant a tough look as if his height wasn’t enough; his gauntlets were great in size making his fingers appear stubby, and his boots were large as well, his cuisse was thick and strong… in fact he was a walking tank, a walking tank with a sword.


Adularia watched as the knight stabbed his sword in the ground next to himself, he knelt down and lowered his head in front of the princess. Adularia was now shocked; this beast was not intended to kill her, but to protect… Adularia cleared her throat and looked around one last time at the scattered bodies. She placed her hand on top of the knight’s helm as she has been taught when saved by a knight she began the saved damsel in distress’s quote. “Dear Knight, I thank you for rescuing me from these fiends; I am now free from their horrid grasps. I only ask you one more favor, that is if would be so kind, as to return me to my castle, my father will reward you greatly for your deeds of saving me and to keep me safe on this journey would be much appreciative. You may rise sir knight and choose your path of destiny, to guide or to adventure.” Adularia took a breath from her paragraph and a stepped back. The knight looked up into her eyes and lowered his head back down. He raised himself to the ground and grasped his sword with one hand. Adularia waited in hopes that he would take her back to the castle or at least to the next town where she could ask of a more acceptable guide.


The Knight moaned like that of a dinosaur would or a whale. Then the sounds of gallop and clanking came from the distance, slowly getting louder and louder as it got closer and closer. The sound of thunder shook the ground as a horse of bronze metal appeared into the ring of sun. It stood tall at six feet the joints and figure resembled that of a real horse but kept an appearance of a metal beast. Steam sprayed from its nostrils as it clapped its metal hoof on the ground and bobbed its head up and down. The horse let out an echoing clanking noise from its jaws before looking at Adularia with his glowing ruby eyes. “Oh you have a horse… that is lovely” Adularia said failing at sounding enthusiastic as she looked at its cheep woolen saddle. The horse let out another huff of steam from its nostrils making Adularia step back and startled for a brief moment before being hauled up onto the mechanical horse’s saddle and they began to set off to exit the forest.


The trees were beginning to get thinner and the sun was shining down upon the forest floor. Adularia could now see the knight and his steed much clearer as the rays of the sun sparkled from their copper bodies. The seat was a bit comfortable but after riding so long she would have to walk every now and then to relieve her hind from numbing up. Adularia walked alongside the knight while holding the reins to the horses bridle. The silence was quite awkward only hearing the sound of nature, like the flapping and tweeting of birds or the sound of the leaves rustling in what little wind there was. “So… where are you from” Adularia asked hoping to start a conversation. But there was no reply, “Do you have a family” Adularia then asked and again no reply not even a glance towards her. “Well can I at least know your name” Adularia asked irritated by his ignorance. The knight turned his head now looking down upon the princess he gave a soft yet deep humming noise from under his helmet. “You can take you helmet off, appearance does not scare me” Adularia said calmingly. The knight just looked back up and continued his walk quietly. Adularia scoffed as she turned her head away ignoring him as he was to her. But she soon turned her head again watching as he lifted his leg and stomped it on the ground with each foot walking slowly and strongly. Some reason his incredible height made her feel happy like she had a stone wall to protect her from any enemies that dare come near.


Adularia was beginning to get hungry, her stomach was grumbling fiercely as she clenched it in pain “I need food is heir a baker, or a soup kitchen anywhere around here, perhaps a small village in the middle of these woods would be nice. Don’t people try to hide from taxes and war in the woods and survive on the animals and fruit trees or something” Adularia asked. The knight just kept walking without a pause of motion “Hey I’m not going to be ignored by you this whole trip, you are a survivor, you should know how to get food” Adularia Complained. The knight grasped his sword form his clamped sheath on his back pulling it out from the side and holding the massive sword in one hand he pulled it back behind his head and twisted it so the tip was facing forwards. He tossed it through the air throwing it like a javelin, it soared at a remarkable speed and STOPPED, with a splat of blood.


Adularia looked sickened at the roasting turkey over the fire, if she had known it looked like that before delicately diced up into her soup or slivered onto her plate with a dollop of gravy she would never have eaten the grotesque bird. And trying to get the slight image of the knight plucking its feathers and extract its gizzards from its hind, and taking off its head was sure to ruin her thought and tastes of meat itself. But food was food and it always tasted good it has been in her diet for years, to take it out on such an empty stomach would be foolish and so she ate the rare cooked bird and it turned out that the knight was a good cook; though it could have used some seasonings and a glass of water would be heavenly at the time seeming how Adularia’s mouth was quite dry from the meat.


Adularia was about half way done with what was in front of her. She wasn’t quite used to eating a lot, or being hungry for that matter; she was given a scheduled eating time to prevent hunger from arising and was given small portion to prevent gaining any unnecessary weight. Adularia set the turkey slice on the plate and held her greasy hands out if they were contagious to a deadly disease. “Do you happen to have a napkin on you” she asked politely. The knight raised his shoulder up and placed his hand on his waist opening a latch and reaching his hand into his armor he grasped onto something from inside his armor and pulled out a sheet of cloth and handed it to the princess. “Oh you can understand me, thank you very much” Adularia said with a smile on her face. The knight returned his hand to his lap as he sat down on a log next to the princess. Adularia wiped the grease off her fingers cleaning each individual finger till she felt clean. She handed the cloth back to the knight; he reached forward, took it softly from her hand and placed it back in the compartment and closed up the lid.


A slight awkward silence fell upon the two as they sat on the log, the fire was put out and the leftovers of the turkey were put in a container and set in another compartment on the other side of the knight’s waist. The horse was tied up to a tree standing silently waiting for the journey out of the forest to continue. Adularia looked up at the knight for a slight moment before looking back at the ashes of the fire. Suddenly a loud and horrid sound of high pitch screeching, like metal scraping against metal in the corner of Adularia’s ear. She covered her ears in pain to the sonic screams and looked around franticly hoping to see whatever was making such an ear piercing sound. The knight stood up quickly and picked Adularia up, she lay over his shoulder like sack and began to fidget “Hey watch how you pick me up, I won’t be hurled around like potatoes, you could at least treat me like a woman if royalty is too complex for you” she shouted. Adularia could only see behind the knight as she leaned over his shoulder a huge ball of copper with a round head, stubby legs and long arms limped closer in their direction. It moved like a man on crutches, legs then arms, leg then arms “Sir knight those creatures are getting closer” Adularia cried. The knight turned his head over his shoulder keeping a jogging pace; he saw several of the mechanical creatures getting closer towards them. At a closer view they resembled apes as they hop around, the detail was greater than they first appeared, and giving more curves to their limbs and a face to their head. “What are those things” Adularia asked worriedly.


The knight set Adularia onto the steam driven horse and it took began to take off into the other direction. Adularia held onto the reins as the horse galloped through the trees, she turned her head to see one of the apes following up closely along the side. The ape suddenly tripped over as a sword imbedded into its legs causing it to fall. Adularia turned around to see the knight run up and take his sword from the creature’s legs and slice its head off with a fatal blow. The knight stood over the machine’s corpse and looked over towards the fleeing horse and princess, there were a few apes chasing after her but most of them were clawing into the trunks and hanging from the treetops. The knight grasped his sword in one hand tightly, and prepped his other arm up circling it in a fist as if operating a crank. The beasts began to jump down from the trees and landing on the ground, the earth shook upon impact and the trees vibrated causing leaves to fall down. The apes all began to dash at the knight at once; the knight thrust his fist forward at the first ape that was right in front of him. The knight’s fist plunged into the ape’s face crushing his copper head in an instant. The force of the knight’s punch sent the ape hurling backwards, all other apes in its path were knocked down as it kept its speed; flying through the air and crashing into a tree with a loud “THUD”. The ape’s body was crushed and bent all over, and the tree’s bark was broken and the trunk was cracked and dented.


All the other apes looked at their crushed companion before turning their attention at the knight with hissing of steam coming from their nostrils as they glared in rage. The apes continued where they left off and darted towards the knight at the same time. The Knight grasped his sword with one hand and dashed into the crowd; he used the bottom of his sword to butt an ape in the chin breaking his head off as oil squirt from his neck. The knight spun around in a circle holding his sword with his right hand slicing the apes metal middles open causing more oil to pour out in gushes. An ape leapt into the air and bringing its massive hands down towards the knight; the knight switched his sword to his left hand uppercut the ape’s arms slicing its hands off. More oil flowed onto the ground and the ape collapsed from loss of fuel. The knight spun around and thrust his sword into an unexpected ape’s shoulder; the knight lifted the sword diagonally cutting the ape from its shoulder to the side of its head.


Adularia was being chased by at least four ape creatures; the horse galloped quickly through the woods trying to escape the wild mechanical apes. Its legs moved swiftly as the back joined the front legs in under the horse’s body then spread out, the back hitting first left then right, pushing its body forward then balancing out with the front legs again left then right, and then joining in the middle again. Adularia held onto the reins and her bare feet pressed tightly on the stirrups; she gasped in fear as she saw the apes gaining on them. One of the apes was right behind them it leapt in the air with its arms spread wide getting ready to grasp Adularia and pull her off the horse. Adularia sank her body onto the horse hoping to evade the ape; the horse turned its head enough for its crimson eye to see what was going on. The horse swiftly lifted its hind legs into the air and bucked the ape right in the stomach. The horses heavy hind hooves compacted into the ape making its body crumple inside its self. The ape flew backwards and skipped long the ground slowly denting up and the other apes moved out of the way as it skidded across the ground; a long trial of oil streaks ended at a mashed up pile of scrap with two beat up arms.


The apes began to surround Adularia and the horse one from behind and two on the sides; Adularia looked at the beasts in fear knowing there was now no escape. The horse began to walk diagonally throwing off one of the apes paths the ape walked to the side so not to get in a collision and crashed into a tree, stopping instantly in its path and exploding upon impact. The horse repeated the movement to the left side causing another explosion and taking another ape out of the scene. The last ape was the one following from behind; the horse turned its head for a moment to see where the ape was. It was about twenty feet away, the horse began to slow down a bit “Wait why are you slowing down it’s going to catch us” Adularia cried in fear. The horse then slowed down a bit more till it almost came to a stop; it then bucked Adularia into the air, she went flying towards a branch only a few yards off the ground. She held on tight for her life as she dangled from the trees. The horse had now stopped completely and the ape was running to fast to slow down, it skidded across the ground before colliding into the horse’s buttock. The ape was crushed by the firm horse, which was not even affected by the sudden impact or budged even an inch. The ape exploded from the sudden combustion from the oil that flowed within its body and the horse walked from the flames as if nothing had even happened.


Adularia held tightly onto the thick branch “Help me… I’m beginning to fall” she called out as her arms began to slide away from the top of the branch and her body pulled her down towards the ground. “Help I can’t hold on much longer” Adularia cried as she was continued to slide. The horse saw Adularia holding on for dear life; it dashed towards the tree and leapt into the air towards the tree’s trunk. Adularia was now slipping at a much faster rate and was close to the edge, she was holding on to whatever edge there was as he body drooped over the wide branch. Adularia could hold on no longer, she let go of the large branch and prayed that the knight would leap into the air and catch her. Adularia was suddenly jerked upwards from her fall and came to a rough halt; she opened her eyes and looked up into the tree. The horse was standing at the bottom of the branch its legs were spread like a spider and it scurried over towards the side of the branch and began to lower Adularia down from a rope that was coming from its mouth. Adularia was set down not on the ground but in the arms of a cold metallic being; she looked up to see the knight looking down at her. The horse fell down next to the two walked over towards them. “Thank you… the both of you, for saving me” Adularia said happily; and the three continued their journey through the woods in hopes to finally reach a town.


An hour later they were still walking and were now close towards the end of the forest. Adularia sat sidesaddle on the horse while the knight walked alongside them. “So can you say anything, anyway to reply or indicate something, like maybe hand movements or write” Adularia asked. The knight turned his head and looked into her sparkling blue eyes he turned his head back towards the path and continued walking. “Well at least you can hear me” Adularia sighed. In the distance a man in a red tunic with a hood was staring down at the three from a tree top a smile glimpsed across his face and he leapt towards another tree branch and began to follow them.


The forest was beginning to get warm; Adularia was flapping the collar to her gown to cool herself down. The Horse had a fan coming from its neck it was flapping in slow waves now assisting Adularia as she cooled down. “Oh thank you that is a lot of help” Adularia said gratefully. The knight looked over at Adularia she seemed to be very happy as the horse fanned her. The knight and the horse suddenly stopped walking; they turned around in alert staring behind them “what… what is it” Adularia asked startled. Suddenly a blast of fire shot down towards the ground the knight stood in the way of the flame and blocked it with his sword; the flames pressed strongly for a while and burned fiercely. The flames began to die down and the pressure against the knight’s sword began to weaken. Adularia watched in amazement, fire falling from the sky and the knight of bronze took it like it was nothing.


The man in a red tunic and hood jumped from the tree branches and fell to the ground; he stood up from his kneeling position. The man’s face was calm, with a hint of seriousness; his hair was long and black, and it spiraled down like springs. His eyes were greenish grey, like the oceans waters; he had a black goatee and a thin mustache. Along with his red tunic he had brown gauntlets along with tight white pants that wrapped around his legs and if not for his tunic would probably reveal the curves of his behind as well; he wore thick leather boots that was halfway up his calves. “Hello travelers, I am in search for Princess Adularia… would you happen to be her” the man asked politely. “Yes, yes that is me oh I’m glad you came, I thought my father would never send someone” Adularia said happily. Suddenly the knight stuck his hand out in front of Adularia; she gasped in shock “What was that for, you put your hand down this instant. I was in the middle of a conversation with one of my father’s associates” Adularia scolded. The knight turned his wrist towards Adularia and she stared in shock to see a small dagger stuck in his gauntlet. “What… but I thought you were here to rescue me” Adularia said in shock. I never said anything about rescue, in fact I never even mentioned who I am working for, but yes your castle is associated with my work… but that won’t matter in a few won’t it” the man said as he spread his hands in the air across from his head.


The knight lifted Adularia on to the horse and the horse preformed a U turn and began to gallop off. The man pulled his hands together and clapped a booming clap; fire emerged from his finger tips and spread towards the horse. The knight drew his sword and dashed in the way of the flames; he swiped his sword upwards cutting the splitting the line of flame in two and saving the Princess and the horse. They rode off into the distance and it was left with the knight and the assassin. The knight held his sword with his right hand; he held it out in front of him and huff some steam out of his helm’s openings. The assassin snapped his fingers and his hand engulfed in balls of flame. The two dashed towards each other and began to fight. The assassin threw a fire ball and the knight tilted his sword to block it; the assassin then dashed towards the knight rapidly throwing fireballs as he closed in. The knight twisted his sword around and blocked ever projectile that came near him. By the time the last fireball was blocked the assassin was already right in front of the knight, the knight thrust his sword at the assassin but he jumped into the air dodging the knight’s blow. The assassin landed on the ground next to the knight; he spun around to attack the knight but was blocked by the big sword that was now held in the left hand. The knight spun the sword around and sliced at the assassins head; the assassin ducked and heated up a fireball in the palm of his hand. He shot a blast at the knight’s leg creating a blazing flame that burnt the cuisse of the knight. The knight moaned deeply before lifting his leg up and kicked at the assassin who blocked the attack with a buckle shield and was thrown back a couple of feet.


The knight waved his hand around his crotch airing out the heated armor with one hand and clutched his sword with the other. The assassin dashed hastily at the occupied knight and spun around piercing a hole in his armor with a small dagger; the knight used his free hand to slap the assassin away. The assassin flew through the air and collided into a tree, the knight held his punctured armor and looked at the damage it was only a minor scratch, and not nearly fatal enough to even faze a child. The knight held his sword behind him as he dashed towards the fallen assassin; the knight swung his hefty sword down, splitting the bark in twain with the tip of its blade. The assassin rolled out of the way now behind the knight, jumped onto the knight’s back and began to scorch his helm with palms of fire. The knight’s sword slipped from his hands and was now in a lock with the assassin on top of his shoulders and his hands could not reach far enough to grab him. The knight moaned then turned around facing towards the tree and backed up into it crushing the assassin between his back and the tree. The assassin gave a quick grunt of pain as he was smashed against the tree; the knight then began to spin around hoping to get the assassin dizzy enough to fall off. The assassin kept his grip around the knight’s neck and continued torching his face. The knight began to lose consciousness as he fell to his knees; the assassin climbed off the knight as he fell forward and propped his self up with his hands.


The assassin raised his hands in the air spreading them out and engulfing them in flames. He took a few steps back and shrugged his shoulders he pulled his hands back and was getting prepared to attack “Say hello to the princess for me, you’ll be seeing her soon afterwards” the assassin said as he swung his hands together. The assassin clapped his hands together, only to slap the blade of the knight’s sword. The knight stood in front of assassin with his sword half imbedded into his chest the flames from his hands traveled through the blade and into his chest, his blood dried up before it could even leak from his wound. The knight began to pull the sword from the assassin’s chest; the assassin’s body began to crisp up as his blood dried up, his skin began to crack and harden. The knight continued pulling the sword out and the assassin shriveled into ashes and scattered around on the forest floor. The knight met back up with the princess and the horse that was waiting from him behind a tree. The three set out continuing their journey out of the forest and they were close to their first destination.




The forest was now behind them and they traveled throughout a swamp, Adularia’s eyes were watering up as she plugged her nose “Oh it smells absolutely putrid in these nasty waters” Adularia complained. The horse walked calmly in the water that reached its knees, and the knight was at about knee height as well. As they got further into the swamp the water began to get thicker and slimy, it was getting harder to see the bottom but the knight and the horse were only slightly fazed by the waters muck. “How long will we be in this foul place my skin is beginning to moisten in an unpleasant way” Adularia asked. The knight turned towards Adularia he pointed his hand up into the trees. Adularia looked up only to see the sun she squint her eyes and looked back down, her vision was blurry as dots of light followed every where she looked. “What about the sun… are you saying we won’t be out of here until nightfall” Adularia complained. The knight pointed his finger to another location in the sky Adularia looked over in that direction, it was close to the sun but not too close. Adularia nodded understanding “I see well if the sun is there, and we should be out when it’s over there… then that should be about an hour, we’ll be out before noon” Adularia said excitedly.


Suddenly the water began to bubble in various areas; a few splashes were heard from in the distance; the knight was now alert holding his sword getting ready to unsheathe it. Adularia held onto the horse’s reins knowing that it would be fleeing her to safety soon. “Three fights within the hour… doesn’t nature have other things to do” Adularia complained. The horse jumped from the water and leapt into the air; Adularia held tightly onto the horse’s neck as it clenched onto the tree with its claws and climbed onto a nearby branch and waited. A loud splash was heard and water rose into the air as a giant metallic fish leapt up towards the knight. The fish was about three feet long and about a foot in width, it had long sharp teeth and beady eyes. Its body was bronze with fins and a propeller for a tail; it had a long dorsal fin that was strong and very sharp like a razor. The fish launched towards the knight, who swiftly drew his sword with his right hand and sliced across the fish’s body cutting it in half. The two pieces of the fish fell to the waters with splotches of oil surfacing the swamp waters.


Several other fish leapt into the air, the knight swung his sword over his head and sliced some of the fish’s heads off. A few fish managed to be slow enough to miss the attack and lunged at the knight, they grappled onto his arms with their razor teeth biting into his armor. The knight bashed the fish against the tree making them explode upon impact. Several more fish sprang up from the water and began to curl in balls. They spun around at great speed and sliced into the knight’s cuirass cutting him like a buzz saw. The knight growled as he pulled the fish off one by one and threw them into the trees making them explode into flames. The knight held his sword tightly with his right hand and thrust it at the next wave of fish, his sword plunged into the fish’s bodies making them slice in half and falling into the water.


Adularia watched as the knight dealt with the fish as if they were nothing and there bites seemed to not really faze him at all. The horse began to take a few steps back Adularia looked at the horse, and then at the area that he was staring at. She saw bubbles emerging from the waters and shadows moving from underneath, and they were getting closer towards her. Adularia screamed in fear as the fish leapt out of the water and began to bite the air reaching for Adularia. The knight turned to see that she was in trouble; he ran through the swamp and headed towards the fishes with his sword held tight in his left hand. With one quick spin attack the fishes were all cut in half leaving nothing but floating oil as remains.


Adularia and the horse got down from the tree; Adularia was still a bit startled from the attack and she now reeked of swamp water “Oh can this day get any worse” Adularia cried. Suddenly a slow movement glided between the three, Adularia and the horse on one side and the knight on the other. “What’s that” Adularia asked worriedly. A huge tube scrawled on the swamp floors moving like a hose being dragged across a yard; Adularia held tightly onto the horse’s reins and waited for the creature to pass by. Finally the tail of the creature dragged along following the creature’s path and disappearing into algae. Adularia took a deep breath “That was a close one… I thought it was going to…” “SLOOSH” Adularia was interrupted as the water waved around in large tall ripples and splashing of the water. Adularia screamed when she saw a giant mechanical snake emerge from the swamp’s bed. The snake thrust its body forward towards Adularia; the horse kicked its hind legs up and bucked Adularia off. She flew in the air and landed in the knight’s hands, the snake jolted forward and dragged the horse down under with splashing and waves.


“Noooo” Adularia cried as she saw her companion taken off; the knight turned to the side where a large branch was located he set her on the branch and turned towards the escaping snake with his sword at hand. The knight dashed towards the snake he was coming close to its tail but was starting to lose speed as the snake slithered off underwater. The knight jumped in the air and landed in the water with his sword stabbed deep into the ground. Adularia watched as he jumped and hoped that he got the creature and could save the horse. The Knight stood up from the water holding his sword still, the snake began to flip around wildly as it was trapped by the knight’s sword. Adularia clapped happily as she saw the knight had pinned the creature down.


The snake turned its body around and began to swim hastily towards the knight’s sword. The knight began to wind his arm up twirling around in circles slowly building momentum; the snake dashed in with more speed the knight threw his punch the force of the snake’s jolt beat the knight’s punch as he was dragged back by the snake’s mechanical mouth. The knight grunted as he pushed his arms out to loosen the snake’s grasp; the snake wiggled around and then threw the knight to the side making him crash into the trees. The snake turned its attention over towards Adularia who was watching the whole time; Adularia gasped as the snake noticed her she ran quickly to the other side of the branch and reached up towards a thinner one on top. Adularia climbed up that branch and began to look for more thin ones that she could haul herself onto.


The snake slithered over towards Adularia quickly soon reached the tree; Adularia looked down to see the Snake still chasing after her. She reached up for another branch and hoped that the snake would not climb. Her hopes were shattered as the snake began to coil up the tree trunk moving between branches and slowly getting closer. Adularia turned around to see the snakes head right in front of her; she screamed in horror and began kicking the snake in the face, the metallic head echoed hollowly as she continued to kick it. Adularia stopped knowing it was useless; she quickly lowered herself down as fast as she could but the snake was right there moving its head with her movements. The snake pulled its head back getting ready to strike; Adularia knew this was her last moment; she was stuck between branches and could not get down fast enough. Suddenly the snake began to move around uncomfortably; it shook vibrantly wiggling all around in the air smacking into trees. Suddenly the knight appeared in one of the branches on the other side with his sword he jumped and slashed his sword downwards. His sword dug into the snake’s covering and began to cut it in half as he slide down its body. The snake then broke into tons of ringed tubes with a slit from the knight’s sword. Oil rained from the trees and down into the water as the knight landed on the ground. Adularia grinned happily to see the snake was finally defeated. Suddenly a quick repetitive buzzing noise came from behind Adularia her eyes opened wide in horror, another creature and after three fights in a row. Adularia slowly turned her head around her eyes opened wide as well as her mouth “Mr. Horsey your alive” Adularia said happily. The horse was standing on a branch with a drill coming out of the top of its head like a horn; it buzzed around a few times before returning inside. Adularia ran over to the horse and gave it a hug; the horse put its head over her shoulder and quickly spat out a mouthful of bolts. The horse climbed down the tree with Adularia on its back. The knight stood silently in front of the two; the horse nodded his head and the knight repeated the action “Thank you again, the both of you are quite a heroic team” Adularia said admiringly. The three walked down the path finally and finally reached the end of the swamp; Adularia sniffed the fresh wind in the fields she smiled as the breeze blew against her skin “Now all I need is a bath” Adularia said happily.

Chapter 2

The fields were mostly empty, nearly all signs of life were gone besides a few birds and some deer prancing by. A town was in sight only a few miles away it was small compared to other towns, but large compared to a village, the three headed down to get themselves cleaned up.


The town was crowded as people walked along the street buying from the booths and walking in stores. The town was getting ready for a festival; a large banner was put at the front of the towns square the sign read “Knights of the mist festival.” The buildings were made of brick with metal frames on the outside and glass windows. The streets were made of thick bricks and in the square was a large fountain with underwater streams leading down a river on both sides of town. The whole town paused in their activities and looked over at the three “It is a Knight of the mist” a man shouted so all could here. The town all began to cheer and ran towards the knight and his steed. As soon as everyone got close they all began to dance around the three they walked the knight and the horse to the town square.


Adularia got off the horse and walked out of the crowd, she walked into an inn and up to the counter. An old man was sitting behind the counter “Hello there how are you today” the man asked calmly.


 “I’m fine thank you, do you have anywhere that I could wash myself up at” Adularia asked.


“Why yes there is a bathhouse just across the street, it’s public though” the man explained.


 “Ok thank you very much, I might be getting a room I’m not sure, I’ll have to ask my guide if we’re staying tonight” Adularia explained.


“Well there is a festival tonight if you want and the beds are quite comfy here, beats sleeping on the ground” the old man said.


“Ok I’ll be sure to tell him that and thank you for the directions” Adularia said with a smile.


 “You’re welcome the old man said waving goodbye to Adularia as she walked out the door.


Adularia walked into the street, she saw the knight and the horse playing with little kids by giving them rides on their backs, walking around and other fun things. Adularia smiled happily seeing how much fun they seemed to be having “I guess we will be staying for the night” she said happily. Adularia walked into the bathing house; a man was sitting behind the counter looking through a slot in the wall. “Excuse me, but is this the bathing house” Adularia asked. The man squealed before turning around quickly to see Adularia standing quietly at the other side of the counter.


“Ooh oh yes it is” he said happily.


“That’s good, how much does it cost for a bath” Adularia asked.


The man grinned “Well my dear usually it would be two coins, but seems how it’s the festival we have baths for free today” the man said happily.


“Really, that’s wonderful… may I go in or is it to occupied” Adularia asked curiously.


“Oh no there is plenty of room left, these are the biggest baths on this side of Elrid” the man said happily.


“Oh thank you I’ll be sure to take my time then” Adularia said with light bow.


“Of course dear no need to rush” the man said with a big grin on his face.


Adularia walked into the changing room, she found herself an empty cabinet of the many and set her gown, bra, and panties in the cabinet. She then opened the door leading to the bathing room, she saw the big door and light vapors of steam raised in the air every now and then. She saw several ladies resting in the waters, they all were wearing bikinis. There was a tall, thin lady with D sized breasts; her hair was dark brown long and curly, her eyes were black and her smile was more of a smirk. Next was a dark skinned lady, she had double D sized breasts and long straight black hair, her eyes were green and she smiled grinningly as she lied back in the waters. On the other side of the bath was a red head, her hair was medium length, wet and slicked back, her eyes were green and her breasts were C sized. Sitting on the side of the pool was a blonde, she was a little on the hefty side but only by a couple of pounds; her hair was long and in a ponytail and her eyes was blue, her breasts were D sized and she leaned sat with her feet in the water.


“Hey what are you doing coming in here naked like that take a bikini” the dark skinned lady said tossing the two white bathing pieces at Adularia.


“I’m sorry, I thought that this was bathing house” Adularia said confused.


“It is but you’d be safer off wearing this, the guy at the front has some peepholes in here and we don’t need perverts watching us bathe” she explained.


“Really… well thank you” Adularia said calmly as she slipped into the clothing before climbing into the pool.


“So what’s you name” the tall girl asked as she wrapped her arm around Adularia’s shoulder.


“I’m Adularia” she said with a quick smile.


“Well Adularia, I’m Amber, and the legless girl over there is Jet…”  Natalie said pointing over towards the dark skinned lady who lifted her leg up in the air showing her steam generated mechanical legs; they had rivets, pipes and gears, coming from the middle clearly showing that they were not boots. The artificial legs stopped at the kneecaps where it slowly became skin again. She kicked them around lightly splashing some water around before setting them back into the bath like pool.


“The baby machine over there is Ruby” she said pointing to the red head.


“I’m not a baby machine… this is my first” the red head explained as she sat up from the water revealing her enlarge abdomen. Her body shined as water trickled down when she sat up from the pool and wrapped a white towel underneath her arms and around her breasts and belly.


“And the loveable lard over there is Pearl” she said pointing over to the blonde, her body was curvy as her hips, waist, and limbs bulged a little; her buns were a little round and her bikini tightened around her waist. “I’m not that fat… just meaty, and why do you have to make fun of everyone when introducing us” the blonde said hopping in the water and sitting on Amber’s lap with her legs wrapped around Amber’s waist.


“Hey, hey that’s my legs you crushing” Amber yelled as she wrapped her hands around Pearland leaned forward. The two feel under water making huge waves splash up wards, the water fell off the edge and into the small holes scattered around the floors returning it into the pool. Adularia moved to the side to get out of the way of the fighting duo.


“You girl’s settle down we’re here to wash up not fight” Jet hollered as she kicked both her legs at the girls’ once. Amber and Pearl raised their heads from the water.


 “Hey what was that for” Amber yelled getting up and rubbing her head.


“Ouchy” Pearl whined holding her shoulder where a red boot mark was left.


“You girl’s don’t want to draw any more attention, its bad enough that I’m here we get any cat fights going and we will have perverted eyes peeking from all over the place” Jet explained.


“Well no one wants to look at a metal legged girl bathing, so don’t get all egotistical” Amber explained.


“Well no one wants to see a walking branch, a walking pig, or a walking baby balloon” Jet said defensively.


“People want to see me, what about that time we were at the orchard and those cute guys were doing back flips over me” Amber shouted.


“You mean those midgets” Pearl whispered.


“They weren’t that short” Amber shouted.


“They did look small, I think they were teens” Ruby pointed out.


“Well the younger the better” Amber said folding her hands under her breasts.


“Pedophile” Jet whispered as she got out of the pool, her bikini was wedged between her butt slowly tightened from the water which poured from her legs sliding out her pipes and gears.


“What was that I heard you whisper something” Amber barked.


Suddenly the man from the counter dashed out from the dressing room and into the bathing room.


“Fight over me… please” the man said as he crossed his eyes and puckered his lips dashing towards the girls with his arms held out.


“Shut up” Amber, Pearl, and Jet said at once and they all began to tackle the man at once and all fell into the water.


At this time Adularia had enough of the water and she started to walk off towards the dressing room. Ruby was sitting on the bench pulling her shirt over her head, and poked her head out of the collar; she continued putting on her shirt as she draped it over her belly. “It sure is wild in there, isn’t it” Ruby said.


“Huh… oh yeah” Adularia said as she reached her hand into the cabinet and pulled out her clothes.


“Is that what you wear, I have plenty of clothes at home that I don’t wear, you can have some if you’d like” Ruby said with a smile.


“That sounds nice, I’ve been stuck in these through a swamp and it was rather smelly” Adularia explained.


“The swamp… that is a very dangerous place, I hope you weren’t attacked” Ruby said concerned.


“It wasn’t that bad, I had a knight and his noble steed, help me through the forest and the swamp” Adularia explained.


“Wow, that sounds very romantic” Ruby said happily.


“It is, and he’s even here in town, we are just staying for the night, before continuing our journey” adularia explained.


“I see… if you don’t mind me asking, is he handsome” Ruby asked.


“I don’t know, I never seen him without his helmet” Adularia said surprised she never thought that the knight of metal would have a face.


“You should ask him to take it off for you sometime, perhaps wait for a romantic timing before then and you two can kiss in the moon light” Ruby suggested happily.


“That sounds wonderful, you girls seem pretty romantic” Adularia explained.


“Yes we’ve been through a lot of romantic adventures together; Jet has been through seven boyfriends, and had them leaving with a foot print on their behind. Amber likes tall boys, but since she is pretty tall herself it is hard to find Mr. Perfect. Pearl would take anyone who isn’t heavier than her, but I don’t really think she is that fat; people tend to exaggerate on her size. And as for me, I just want someone who can protect me and treat me kindly; my last boyfriend was just a phony, as soon as he found out I was having a baby he ran for the hills and I never seen him since. So I choose to just love my baby over any man” Ruby explained.


“Wow that sounds like a nice family relationship between mother and child” Adularia said.


“It will be, because I can treat my baby nicely and with respect, give them a good reason to stay with me rather than leave. But I don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet, either way I will love this baby with all my heart” Ruby said kindly as she placed her hand softly on her belly.


Suddenly the door busted open and the man ran out into the main room and even further as he ran down the street and into the distance. Jet stood there with Pearl and Amber they all were huffing and puffing from exhaustion. “I’m going to kick that man’s ass hole out his mouth if I ever see him again; the damn pervert touched my junk” Jet said furiously.


“Well I was going to take Adularia to my house and we were going to get some clothes for her, all she has is that night gown” Ruby explained.


“Alright just let us dry up and get clothes on and we’ll meet you in the square later on” Amber said.


“Ok see you there” Ruby said as she waved good bye and walked out the door holding adularia by the hand and leading her to her house to change clothes.




Adularia stepped out of the house with Ruby, she was wearing a tight white shirt and a short blue skirt, and she had white stockings and brown buckled boots. “Thank you very much for the outfit Ruby it’s really adorable” Adularia said happily.


“You’re welcome, I’m glad you like it; you can go ahead and keep those cloths, I don’t really like short skirts and I’m not going to be fitting in that shirt anytime soon” Ruby said with a smile. She was wearing a long dress that touched her ankles and a loose long sleeved white shirt that draped over her belly. She had some black boots; her hair now dried was all messy and spread downwards.


The other girls ran up to the two so they could all be together. Amber was wearing a tight black shirt that clenched to her skin showing the curves of her breasts, she also wore a very short brown skirt that ended at her finger tips, long socks that rose up to her knees and laced boots ending halfway from her claves. Jet was wearing a green shirt with a black leather corset over it that raised her breasts making them appear bigger. She wore a pair of tight white pants, and no boots (because of her robotic legs). Last was Pearl who was wearing a loose short waist, long sleeved white shirt, and her fat slightly bulged from the bottom of her shirt and over her belt. She wore short brown shorts that showed her hind curves, and her bare legs showed besides what her boots and shorts covered up. “Alright then now that everyone is here let’s go have a party” Amber said as she threw her hands in the air excitedly; and so the five girls walked off towards the shops to get something to eat.


Meanwhile the knight and the horse sat down quietly as people shined their armor, black smiths worked on fixing their cuts and smoothing their armor back to normal. The knight and the horse looked at each other confused to why these people were acting so generous giving them cleanings, shaking their hands (and hooves) and feeding them; they just shrugged and enjoyed the special treatment.


Adularia and the girls walked into the town square, they saw the huge crowd gathering around the in a circle and the mayor of the town walked onto the fountain’s stage. “Everyone, everyone, I know this is a very big thing having everything we hoped for to come true. But we need to give this knight some room; sure he has traveled alone but he needs his space too, now let us prepare for the festival and continue this celebration at evening” the mayor said. Everyone began to awe in disappointment An old man in his seventies waved his hands in the air holding a cane in one and ran on the stage and started to rap “the mayor’s right we must prepare for tonight, and get things ready for this wonderful knight, I can see it be bright, on this starry night, we shall live in no fright, the king will understand we’re right, and there shall be one last fight. The steam punk knights are warriors built to protect, not to destroy, I knew this experience I fought alongside as a boy, the past was of joy, and these knights are not toys, we will sing in rejoice, this war is our voice, this fighting will end with peace be our choice” the old man sang as he danced around with his cane. The knight put his hand on the old man’s shoulder stopping him from dancing so he would not hurt himself. Everyone cheered happily and walked off to continue the preparations for the festival to come.


The path was cleared and the girls could now see the knight that sat down peacefully. All the girls stared in amazement at the knight “He’s so tall” Amber said excitedly as she folded her hands against her chest in adore, “He’s so strong” Jet added following the same motion. “He’s so shiny” Pearl said copying Jet, “Horsey” Ruby said excitedly. All the girls ran over towards the knight leaning over him and rubbing their hands over his armor…. all the girls besides Adularia and Ruby who were attending the horse with less romantic attention. Amber, Jet, and Pearl were getting out of hand as they began licking the knights armor and rubbing their bodies all over he turned towards Adularia and Ruby. If you could read a full masked knight’s facial expression you could tell what he was trying to say “Help meeeeeee.”


Adularia seemed to be able to read his mind “Hey girls he just had the whole town crawl all over him I don’t think he needs three horny ladies rubbing their bodies all over him” Adularia explained.


“But we just washed up, we’re all clean and stuff” Amber explained.


“Well how about you just talk with him” Ruby suggested.


“I already tried, he can only grunt and moan” Adularia explained.


“Is he constipated” Pearl asked.


“I bet it’s his mask, show us that face of yours you big hunk” Jet said excitedly as she reached for his helm. The knight put his hand up and grabbed Jet’s hands before she could touch him he let out a loud deep groan.


“I knew it, constipated” Pearl said.


“Come on big boy, we don’t mind if you are ugly, why don’t you just show us what you look like” Amber said as she bumped her hip into his shoulder. The knight stood up now out of anyone’s reach besides Amber’s. All the girls sighed in disappointment the horse let out an “attractive whistle call” all the girls looked at the horse then back at the knight “He is hot” they all cried out jumping up for his helmet. Adularia, Ruby, and the horse stood back and watched as the knight ran around being chased by the three girls down around the fountain.


The day passed by and it was now nightfall, the knight, the horse and the five girls all sat back and relaxed while everyone danced around and performed a skit of the past war on the stage. Adularia began to doze off slightly as her head began to sink down then quickly jolted up as she tried to stay awake. “Hey Adularia are you going to be ok, you look like a chicken banging your head around like that” Amber said.


“Yeah I just had a long day and need some rest” she said softly.


“Looks like the knight needs some rest too” Ruby said as she looked over at the slouching metallic man who was about ready to fall forward.


“Yeah I guess we’d better get to bed” Adularia said as she slowly got up to her feet. She began to walk off before being swept off her feet and into the air. Adularia looked up to see the knight carrying her off to the Inn.


“Ooh she’s going to get some tonight” Jet said happily.


“I don’t know they look pretty tired to me” Ruby said watching as the knight dragged his feet while walking down the street.


“Nonsense, they are just putting up an act for us so we won’t get jealous” Amber said enviously.


“You are just denying what is true” Ruby said with a smile.


“I want someone to love me” Amber cried.


“Me too” Pearl pouted.


The knight laid Adularia in the bed she moved around to get comfortable. Adularia rested peacefully in the bed and gently fell asleep; the knight lied down next to the bed on the floor, he lay on his back and was soon asleep as well.


The knight was lying down in a peaceful sleep, after a long day. He was lightly shook with a nudge of his shoulder, still asleep he swatted his hand to the side hoping to shoo whatever it was away. Suddenly a loud bang shook the floor as a hoof stomped right next to the knight’s head. The knight raised himself up to see the horse standing right in front of him. The horse walked over to the window and tapped on the glass with its nose. The knight stood up and walked towards the window, he peeked out to see the sky beginning to turn morning it was about five in the morning. The horse huffed against the wi

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