Beautiful Dark Rose

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The pain of love in a young girls heart.

Submitted: February 25, 2011

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Submitted: February 25, 2011



That beautiful
Yet fragile broken hearted rose
Calls his name

As her words
Whisper through that highly temperamental
Artistic Parisian breeze
Before finally deciding
To settle amongst the rippling calm
Waters of the

She tries to kill and numb
The mounting pain
But it just increases
As her heart is solely intent
On continuing it agonizingly slow process of dying

Crazy thoughts
Talk and speak
Harsh crystal clear words
Of a love affair that's dead
Deep down inside her tormented head

As his shirt lays on the bed
She releases tears so obviously dark, dark red
Upon it creases
Yet her private pain never really fades away or ceases

So once more
She listens to words of wisdom
From inside the spirit worlds door

About how the river side
Is a cold wet
Tranquil place to try and forget
Furthermore how the water will wash away
Her tears and inner fears

As it can taste her tears
Feeling and hearing her tormenting childish fears
As she loses the urge
To hold on

What could such
A tormented beautiful rose ever give?
She asks herself

As she basks herself
In the lure of the waters kiss

She finally asks

Will this beautiful rose ever blossom or bloom again
Upon these tranquil Parisian banks of the river

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