When the Band Door Closes...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
THis is what I think happens in the band room after everybody leaves ;)

Submitted: September 30, 2009

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Submitted: September 30, 2009



When the band doors shut

And the footsteps die away,

When the lights are cut

And it's the end of the day,

I wonder if the cases' lids pop up

And the instruments float about

If they ask "What's up?"

Or if they just sit and pout?

If they do get out of their case

Then the first ones up must be the drums.

With their big BANG! on the base

They wake up all the bums.

Next would be the flutes,

Nice, bright, and fluttering around.

Playing their high toots

But nobody can really hear their sound.

Then come the clarinets!

They love to play their woodsy tone!

They wonder who will wake up next, they often make bets.

The tubas? The trombones? Most likely the saxophone!

And up comes that amazing woodwind,

Bright, and lively, playing some jazzy duets!

Making up lyrics like a fly on a wire!

They might even try a quartet!

The trumpets saunter out,

Trilling their keys like

They're the best in the crowd.

They're the cockiest instrument around!

The trombones and baritones yawn together,

As they stumble out of their cases.

They know they can play better,

But you're lucky they're not falling on their faces!

Last, but not least are the tubas.

Out they jump, despite their weight.

In fact, they might float better than the soosa!

But let's not wait and see!

But, finally, when the band doors open,

And the footsteps start coming,

When the light are turned on,

And its the start of the new day.

The instruments are all nice and cozy in their cases,

Resting their eyes,

Until we take them out and play!

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