"Gifted Hands": The Ben Carson Story

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Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. Plays Ben Carson in this epic peace of well written, well displayed story, brought to the “Big screen”.

Submitted: September 23, 2009

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Submitted: September 23, 2009



These are some of my thoughts after watching this timely masterpiece of film. I have never seen Cuba Gooding Jr

. play a character so well. I was truly drawn in by the acting, the passion, the inspiration and drive of the character, and the storyline has a whole.

If you have ever thought of yourself to be…for lack of better wording “stupid” or “dumb” or “lacking in knowledge”, I believe this is a must see movie for you.

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Here is a brief summary of the plot or storyline of this great movie. It is a true story

about a man name Ben Carson who is a neurosurgeon and still practicing to this very day.

This movie starts off with Ben having to make a hear felt choice to operate or not. After a moment of peace and tranquility at the feet of his own children’s bed, His two boys, he decides to go for this very serious procedure to separate two syamize children connected together by the brain, and not just any part of the brain, but the posterior part of the brain where the majority of the blood packets are kept. Very dangerous, but he goes for it anyways, in these types of situations only one usually survives.

Ben Carson was very touched and held a burden for these two souls connected by such a senstive part of the body. The success of this prosegure was with deep study by Ben Carson and a very strong and vivid imagination.

You see this film was about how Ben Carson was brought up. He was not the brightest tool in the shed as a young boy in 2nd to 3rd grade and his mother only went as far as the 3rd grade herself, never learning how to read. His mother was his inspiration, his passion, his love; she pushed, encouraged, always remaining positive in his life, she was hard, but fair and caring and loving.

If we all had a mother like Ben Carson imagine the possiblities that we could accomplish.

She made Ben and his brother only select two programs of television to watch a per week, and she made certain that they completed their homework growing up. With their free time, absent from watching T.V. she told them that they were to go the library and pick out any book of choice and write to her a book report over what they have read and comprehended.

Ben Carson did exactly what his mother asked of him, and as he grew and matured, he would find things that intrested him, and that he wanted to learn about, things like rocks, he would go check out a book on rocks and study it.

He began to look deeper, think deeper that what was on the surface, he entered a whole new world.

He entertained and strengthened his imagination. It was with this “mind” that he was able to pull off such a dangerous procedure of separating two syamize  twins from the posterior portion of the brain.

I do highly recommend anyone who loves film or enjoys being entertained to watch this film. I give it my own two thumbs up rating.


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