"I don't know why we could never be"

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This is a song...well the hook and one verse...I working on it.

Submitted: September 06, 2009

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Submitted: September 06, 2009




I feel so lonely sometimes--- so empty in my heart---The tears fall inside---its taring me apart---its bringing me to my knees---asking God to please---please show me grace and peace---cause not a day goes by---not a day where I don't cry---

Verse one:

Now I don't know why we could never be/ as a young kid you never looked at me/ as we got older we lost touch/now you look at me as old news/

but a part of  me is still in love with you/

I still see you in my mind/ all those old memories of you that bring me to tears all the time/

Everyday i dream/ dream of you and me/ your an angel and  where your at is where I wanna be/ in your grace and in your arms/

the only place where I feel no harm/

you've been placed in my heart/ from the very start/ and the day I looked into your beautiful brown eyes I know my love would never fall apart/

I fell in love with your style/ the way you wore your hair/ the way you move, the way you walk even the way you talked, you drove me wild/ I can still see your smile/ for you I go that extra mile.

verse two: to come...

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