I am the thief, I am the wolf

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she is not mine

Submitted: June 11, 2008

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Submitted: June 11, 2008



In my arms, my darling, my beautiful, you are kept safe from the thieves and the wolves

with my heart i guard yours

i listen for every sound, no breath is lost to the night without first whispering to me the secrets of your dreams

i am yours i am yours i am yours , our hearts pass this lovers song to one another in rythmic unison

my eyes travel longingly across your silhoutte like servants on a pilgrimage to find their true master

behold your lips, my darling, my beautiful, your lips are my temple holding all truth of my life

my humble approach can hardly mask my eagerness to worship with you in kiss....................

Then my true master calls, I have left my post and been found rumaging in his house

with my foul lips i am about to taste of his sweetest fruit

with greedy desire i have hastily searched through his treasures

my eyes are like theives, with lustful desire i have crept through the tall grass and stolen looks at what is only his

i hear my tempters song for what it is, you are minei am herei will love you

i have not been listening for every sound but for any opportunity

my mask of chivalry is pulled away to reveal my twisted selfish grin

my heart is not guarding yours like a shepherd tending his flock, but like a warden

in my arms you are not kept safe......... you are simply kept

i am the dangeri am the thiefi am the wolf

you are not my darling, my beautiful, you are hisyou are his and his alone

i am the dangeri am the thief

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