I'm So Cold I'd Ask a Total Stranger to Hold Me

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A young girl is caught in a growing storm. She wanders into a random backyard and finds herself asking for help from someone she doesn't know from Adam.

Submitted: July 21, 2010

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Submitted: July 21, 2010



Baylee wandered around on the unfamiliar street. She was visiting her grandmother, and walking her dogs, and had found herself locked out of the house.

Thunder rumbled overhead. She looked up, hoping for a sky with few storm clouds and sunshine spots. Nope. All clouds. Dark gray. A flash of lightning every now and then. Great. Now what? It started to rain then, so Baylee headed towards home. She was halfway there when she remembered that Granny didn't have a covered porch.

Baylee entered the first yard she got to. She walked with the Basset Hounds through the yard until she got around to the back of the house. A wooden deck. Okay, not a covered porch.

"Hi there!" a voice yelled as the rain started coming down harder.

A boy about her age was standing in the door, looking her up and down.

She shivered. The rain was getting cold. All she was wearing was shorts and a tanktop. It was summer. What else would she be wearing?

"I'm locked out of my house!" she called back.

"Oh. Well, let me help you."

The boy came out of the house, and led her around to the garage. He opened the side door and she followed him in.

"You can leave the dogs in here. Let's go get you something dry to wear."

Baylee nodded, half embarassed that this cute guy was actually helping her.

"You're about the same size as my sister; she's a little taller, though. I'll have her help you find something."

He walked down the hallway, and knocked on a door.

"Lissa, I need you to do something for me!" he called.

A really pretty girl opened the door. "Yeah?"

"Help find, uhm.."

"Baylee," I said.

"Help find Baylee some dry clothes."

"Okay. Sure."

I went in Lissa's room, and she closed the door behind me.

"What brings you here? Brother's girlfriend, are you?"

"No. I got locked out of my house, and then it started raining, and storming..."

"Oh... Okay. Here, think you could wear these?"

Lissa handed me a gray t-shirt and a pair of denim Bermuda shorts.

"Probably," I said, taking them from her. "Thannks so much. Um, where can I change?"

"Bathroom's over there."



Later on, I was talking to the boy (whose name I learned was Austin) while sitting on the couch in his living room.

We'd been talking for hours, about nothing in particular. Music, roller coasters, movies, TV shows...

"So, what's your idea of the perfect food?" he asked.

"A potato," I replied, without hesitating.

"Why a potato?" he asked.

"You can do anything with a potato," I shrugged my shoulders. "What do you think is the perfect food?"

"I'm not sure. An Oreo?"

"Those are pretty great."

Suddenly I had a cold chill. I shivered, and watched goose bumps spread across my arms.

"You cold?"

"A little?"

"See if this helps," he murmured, pulling me close to him. I laid there against his chest with his arms around me for a long time before I decided to break the silence.

"Austin, do you believe in love at first sight?"

He sighed, and then replied, "I do now."

I snuggled closer to him, and he stroked my hair.

A/N: I know this was really random. I just had the randomest idea when I was outside with my dogs and it started raining. :) Hope you enjoyed! ? the weathergirl

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