The Young Devil Dog

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story about a U.S. Marine

Submitted: February 20, 2014

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Submitted: February 20, 2014



“Why do you keep staring at that picture when it makes you teary-eyed and weepy?”

“It keeps my memories intact. It helps me not miss her as much.”

“Whatever dude.”

Ingle is like family to me, but he just does not comprehend things like this. Occasionally, I even think he is emotionless, and I always wonder how he cannot miss home. I miss it; I miss my family, the homemade chow, the cars, and even the green grass. This wasteland does not help, since it is absolutely desolate. Ingle and I are on patrol, so I tuck the picture of her back into my boot; she is always with me. I was picking up my gun, when Ingle started tapping me on the shoulder vigorously.

“Dude! Was that movement?” he murmured, I could tell he was alarmed. I glanced to where he was indicating and looked through my scope.

“Yes. Radio out.”

It was now on; my heart was pounding, and my mind racing. Ingle’s hands shuddered as he called over the radio.

“Enemy target: four-hundred feet away advancing, forty plus.”

“Can you snipe them?”

“Of course, sir. I am an United States Marine.”

“That’s right. Now give ‘em what’s comin to ‘em.”

Ingle nodded, put the radio down, and looked at me.

“You okay, Torres?”

I nodded. I picked up my rifle, loaded it and aimed. If I got it just right I could hit two of them with one bullet. I focused my scope farther. I took a deep breath, and started shooting. My first bullet hit one, and then I just kept firing. The hoard of enemies was gone before I knew it. Among Ingle, Urie, Jerzak, and I, I should have known forty would have been simple to annihilate. I must have been grinning, because after Ingle called over the radio he looked at me smiling from ear to ear.

  “Somebody’s happy.”

“Them or us. Pretty easy though.”

“Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Tomorrow we’re heading out. Now sleep its your turn. I’ll keep watch.”

I was soon asleep; I did not have a dream, but its nothing new. I do not remember my dreams anymore. Ingle says that it is, because my brain shut them out. When I woke up Ingle was cooking his MRE and starting mine. We were barely able to finish eating when we received call for line up.

“Listen here marines, we are moving in on the enemies today. After their stunt last night, we are done messing around. Line up and head out. You know your position.”

Ingle, Urie, Jerzak, and I were third row from the front. We were all in boot camp together and stuck together ever since. We were all lined up and ready to move in when the enemy attacked from the right. The ground was cold when I hit it, and a felt blood coming out of my abdomen. The screams of the men around me faded as I went into a dark oblivion. The next thing I knew, I was awake in my bed at my parent’s house, and my heart was thumping in my chest. I was only ten, but that night I decided to be a marine; just like my father.

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