the soldiers code

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its about the soldiers code, and just something to show my support to the troops

Submitted: July 03, 2012

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Submitted: July 03, 2012




the wars going on right now, bombs explode as they hit the groud,

the soldiers almighty roars as they charge into battle scared no more,

they live by a code not known by all but a code which keeps them mentaly strong

almost like a song playing over and over in their mind a couple of hundred times,

the only thing that keeps them sayne is the hope theyl live to see there families again

the mind of a soldier is like no other, strong and determined they will protect each other,

as bullets fly some will die,still they still stand with pride till there dying breath as there on the ground,

no mater how wounded they may be they will try and pull through for their family 

they fight a war unwinable ,a war of people so sinacle, its a war of diomands and oil

but with no question they do what there told,

because to take an order is the soldiers code

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