Caught At Sea

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I'm testing out a story in first person. I've never really wrote a story in first person, so I try. This story is about not being able to fall in love because of the person before the other person.

Submitted: May 08, 2011

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Submitted: May 08, 2011



The wind blew slowly.. We were standing alone, only comforted by our own shadows. She slowly touched my hand, and played with my fingers. My face ended up getting redder then blood once it meets oxygen. I want to cry out, but I make no sound. I love this feeling, but I don't love her.

My heart pounded steadily.. The tides were higher then I'd ever seen. She told me she thought she'd fall in, and she wanted me to hold her close. I couldn't. How can you hold some one tightly if your heart is so loose, and uncaring? Who have I become? Then, our shadows casted throughout this ugly sea.

My lips, they make no sound.. They want to scream. I'm burning up inside. The words are on the tip of my tongue, but slowly back down my throat because they are scared to come out. Why am I like this? Why am I like this..

My legs are numb.. I want to get up, leave, leave her, leave everything, leave everyone. I can't, I'm not allowed. Why is it that I'm magnetically stuck to this girl who I have no feelings for?

My heart drops.. That feeling when you notice, you're about to be heartbroken. The moment you realize when you do love this person, but not as much as the person you loved before. That's how I'm thinking, I love her, but I miss my old love.

Her lips slowly open.. As her lips open, mine follow. We touch, grab hands. What am I doing? I'm letting myself fall in love. Our tongues glide in a motion so smooth. It's like we're on a soft surface, just gliding..

I don't love her.

She doesn't really love me.

I'm caught at sea.

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